Readers Gonna Read (Pass It On) #CMHmoms

Did you know I adore reading? I am crazy-addicted. Like my best friends in high school were the Bronte sisters. That’s why I am thrilled to share a story about me and Lizzie, and grateful for the partnership with Children’s Mercy Hospital that made this post possible. The following story is from my heart.

She Didn’t Love Reading

I’ll be honest, when Lizzie told me she doesn’t like to read, I felt like a slight failure as a parent. Reading is one of my favorite things in the entire world! When she was baby, I tried to read to her all the time. I did all the right things – keeping books around, making reading time fun and comfy with pillows and blankets, going to story times at the library – but when she got to 1st grade, reading was something she did in school but she never loved it.

Now, at 3rd grade, she still doesn’t love reading. In fact, she prefers to pick up a new book more than finishing her current book.

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Finally, A Lightbulb

Persistence and creativity. Those two things are what finally helped me work with her to love reading. Oh and Harry Potter didn’t hurt either. After finally trying what seemed like every-freaking-thing to help her enjoy reading, I found one that clicked!

She loves to read out loud. Now we made reading a nightly ritual. She reads to me for about half an hour (more if the book gets really good). She loves to try and act out the parts that she reads and change her voice. She is connecting with the books in a new and fantastic way!

Hearing her ask if she can read to me is the most beautiful words I could ever hear out of her mouth! I just love our time every night, no matter how tired I am. And I promised her a party when she finally finishes her first long novel!

And I have seen her love of reading pique the interest of her younger siblings too – extra bonus – especially in Lucy. Lucy wants so badly to read like her older sister.

Fellow readers – how did YOU pass on your love of reading?

Favorite Read-Aloud Books

What are your favorite read-aloud books to read with your kids? (Harry Potter is AMAZING)

Reading a walrus book

Helpful Resources

You have got to visit The Children’s Mercy website  for some seriously helpful content. They have tips and ideas for helping your children love reading.

Follow Children’s Mercy on Facebook for more everyday parenting tips too!

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