Help Wal-Mart Fight Hunger! #WeSparkChange

This post is sponsored by The Motherhood. All opinions are 100% my own. Hunger affects 1 in 6 families in America, and I was one of those families when I was a child. I am honored to partner with The Motherhood to spread the news about this amazing campaign.


From now until May 3rd, when you purchase select food items at Walmart, meals will be donated to Feeding America Food Banks. It is incredibly easy, you’ve probably seen the signage at your Walmart already!

Just like the infographic says above – for every 1 item purchased, 1 meal is secured at a food bank. 

But don’t stop there! Let’s flood these food banks with financial support! As you are checking out, ask your cashier to let you donate to a Feeding America food bank. (You will have to remember to ask – when I was at Walmart, my cashier didn’t bring it up). 

And look – there is a THIRD way to raise money for Feeding America Food Banks – SIX PEOPLE. 

Get 6 people in a photo, post it publicly to Instagram and/or Twitter and tag #WeSparkChange. For every photo with SIX people and tagged, Walmart will donate $10 to Feeding America. They promised they’d give up to $1.5 million! Let’s make them max that out! 

Wait – why SIX people? 

Did you know 1 in 6 people in the U.S.A are food insecure? Walmart and Feeding America want to help fight the insecurity and bring awareness to this terrible problem. I am not shocked by this number. You can read my story about how I was food insecure as a child. 

Just browse Instagram. The hashtag makes me smile – so many photos of people volunteering at Food banks and taking pictures to raise money for more food to be donated at the food banks!  This picture is one of my favorites from the hashtag #WeSparkChange


A photo posted by govolunteers (@volunteersrock) on

Please – take a pic with 5 of your friends and spread the word about this campaign! Donate to Feeding America as you check out and let’s help these food banks provide food to the hungry children that need it here in America. Thank you SO much for helping me to provide food to people who need it!

 For more information – including a real-time ticker, check out! 


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