Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur Snack Tray

The Good Dinosaur Snack Tray

Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur released today! It’s an adorable animated movie about the friendship between a boy and an Apatosaurus named Arlo. My kids cannot wait to see it!


It looks like a super cute and fun little movie to go see as a family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Then, after you all watch the movie, come back and make this super healthy snack tray! Playing with your food is totally allowed – especially if you are making leafy greens that Apatosaurus’ like Arlo would love. 

The Good Dinosaur Salad Plate

What You’ll Need:
– Spinach Tortilla (Burrito Size)
– Fresh Express Spring Salad Mix
– Celery
– Cherry Tomato
– Canned Black Beans
– Cream Cheese
– Plain Hummus
– Blue Food Coloring
– Piping or Sandwich Bags
– Cut the spinach tortilla as shown to form the dinosaur’s head and neck.
– Place the dino on your serving tray.
– Pipe the mouth and nostril using plain hummus
– Pipe the whites of the eyes using softened cream cheese
– Cut a black bean in half. This will be your dino’s pupils.
– Tint some cream cheese blue and pipe a ring around the black bean pupils.
– Cut a cherry tomato in half and core it, removing the seeds. This will form your bug.
– Pipe blue cream cheese onto one half of the cherry bug as shown and place on your dino’s nose.
– Cut the other half of the cherry tomato to form the red bug’s head.
– The red bug’s legs are made from black bean skin.
– Once your dino and bug have been assembled it’s time for the greenery.
– Take a knife and pull a few of the celery rib strings out. They will curl up when you do.
– Place your leafy celery stalks, salad mixture and celery strings on the bottom of your tray.
– Voila!

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