20 Free Printable Chore Charts

20 free printable chore charts for kids

When I googled “printable chore chart,” I found a tone of amazing charts – all for a price. Thankfully, my friend Jordyn from AlmostSuperMom gathered 20 amazing FREE chore charts! And she is letting me share them with you here on my blog. 

I hope this saves you time and sanity. There is something so fun about finding that one chore chart that you and your kids both love. It helps everyone stay on task, and knock out those chores! 

And definitely come back to tell me which is your favorite! 

(Click the photo or the link below it to print to view the chart and print!) 

Free printable chore chart in chevron

I love the chevron prints on this! Now, while you see chores printed, when you download this each line is blank. You can put whatever chores you want on the line. 

Pinch a Little Save a Lot Chevron Chore Chart

preschool chore chart

This is a photo-based chore chart for young children that cannot read yet. When you download the chart it comes with chore pictures too. 

Preschool Photo Chore Chart

Check Check Done Chore Chart Printable  

I love how this is so gender neutral. And like the first one, when you download it, it comes blank, ready for you to fill it with chores. 

I’m Mom printable chore chart 

Responsibility chart

This is for older children, and great if you want to assign monetary value to chores. When you click the link, the blogger explains in detail how to use her chart. 

Responsibility chart for older kids

Eight free printable chore charts

As you can see above, Kristi designed eight bright and fun chore charts. This is perfect for kids that want their own chart to stand out.

Eight Chore Chart Designs  

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 6.32.03 PM

Rachel created this “work for hire” station as a way to encourage her children to earn extra money by doing more difficult chores. 

Work for hire printable 

Chore chart printable

This system combines “expected” chores with “extra for hire” chores on one sheet. Plus, it has the chore sticks idea which I think is genius! 

Chore chart and reward system

daily weekly chore chart

I really love how Mique made this chart so incredibly colorful and vibrant! Plus, it has a place for weekly chores. 

Daily & Weekly Chore Chart

Simple chore chart

Simple, no fuss, no explanation needed, chore chart. 

Found on Freebie Finding Mom. 

Chore Punch Card

You know those punch cards you get from your favorite store? How about one for your kids when they do their chores? I love this creative idea! Make sure you have cardstock!

Chores Punch Cards

 Printable reward chartThis one is fun – not only the bright colors, but you can actually SEE the reward you are working towards. 

Printable Reward Chart

Reward chart system


This post has everything you need to make this fantastic system! I love the idea of tickets. 

Hanging chore chart with tickets

Rotating checklist

This is GORGEOUS!  I also love that each room has a specific checklist (no excuses for missing the dusting!).  

Printable rotating chore list



Simple printable chart

These chore charts are cute and simple. But this post also includes tips for “10 minutes to a clean house” so it’s worth the click! 

Simple & Cute Chore Charts

Free Printable Chore Charts

Penny Pinchin’ Mom gives you 3 different options! Love all of them too! 

Free Printable Chore Charts

Magnetic Chore Chart

This is such a creative idea – make the chore chart magnetic!  Perfect for children that cannot read yet. 

Magnetic Chore Chart 

Blue and pink chore charts

I love the colors and simplicity of these charts. Head over the the Crafting Chicks to print them! 

Pink and blue chore charts

chore system

Brooke created a super bright and very organized system for her kids. The entire tutorial looks simple and I can’t wait to try it! 

Printable chore chart system

ice cream chore chart

This chore chart requires sewing. So I won’t be doing it. But if you love to sew, it looks simple and I bet your kids will LOVE it! 

Sewing chore chart tutorial 


Super simple chore chart

This is beyond super simple. Each child is in charge of one room per week. The rules for living clean are outlined below. I think this is one of my favorite ones of all. 

Easy DIY Chore Chart

There you have it!!  I hope you find one that works perfectly for you!  I am going to print a few on my new HP Envy (that I received from HP as an HP Mom)  and see how my kids react to a new system. (Change is always difficult, but they don’t really have a good routine yet).   Please let me know which one is your favorite! Happy printing! 


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