Making your Brand Stand Out

Tracking PixelHow to make your brand stand out

In a world of blogging and work at home online businesses, it can be easy to be overlooked in the masses. One of the most important thing to keep in mind when you start a new business (or try and ramp up your current one) is breakout branding.  

I am so excited that Name.Kitchen wanted to work with me on this sponsored post. They have an amazing service for entrepreneurs! I hope you enjoy reading these 3 easy steps for how to make your brand stand out from the online crowd. 

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Choose A Memorable Domain Name

For me, everyone remembers Mama Dweeb. This is mainly because hardly anyone uses the word Dweeb anymore – it is almost entirely my own brand. Pick a domain that isn’t like all the others. If you are starting a new blog, this will be simple. 

If you already have a business, you can still buy a new domain and keep your business name in it. Go browse Name.Kitchen and find a ton of options – you don’t have to be stuck with .com anymore.  

They have more than 20 options for every single letter of the alphabet. For example, if you are a lawyer how about Annie.Attorney? If you want to sell clothing, you can do! 

With a breakout domain, you will be remembered. So go claim your name today! 

Do Your Research

There is nothing worse than thinking you have this amazing brand name, buying the unique URL, setting everything up, only to realize someone else has one very similar! 

Make sure no one else has your name, or one too similar. Search your name with the keywords you are hoping to target. For example, I could have searched for “Dweeb blogger” to see if any other bloggers use this name. 

Create a Target Customer

You need to market your brand directly to one target customer. Who are you trying to reach? Then make the voice of that brand reach that person on all social media platforms. Keep the voice the same on the blog/site and social media channels. 

It is very easy to dilute the voice of your brand because you hope to reach everyone. But the truth is, you will have much more successful marking when you market to one specific demographic. 

One of my favorite brands to watch is Tipsy Elves. They nail branding. Their target customer is a sarcastic and fun-loving 20 something. Their website copy has a not-so-serious edge to it and their social media channels are full of funny posts. You know that if you want a funny top for a holiday, go to them. 

Give Back To Your Customers/Fans

You know is excellent at protecting and enhancing the image of her brand? Taylor Swift. For Christmas, she picked a handful of fans and bought them Christmas gifts and hand wrote notes in the cards. This year, she allowed a couple to announce their new pregnancy by posing with her after a concert. 

Taylor knows the importance of giving back to her fans, and this keeps her image in a very positive light. 

So when you are hoping to give back in some way, think beyond the sale or the small giveaway. Save up for something big and memorable. Keep your target customer in mind – what would they get excited about? 

A few ideas: 

  • For an audience that loves fashion & giving back – give away a pair of Tom’s shoes to a dedicated fan.
  • For the Disney fanatic mom – Give away a limited-edition Disney memorabilia. 
  • Or, be really memorable like Cards Against Humanity – they literally allowed their fans to buy cow poop. Real cow poop. Talk about making their brand stand out!

Business owners – How have you found success in branding? I absolutely love hearing your tips and what has worked or even what hasn’t. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Name.Kitchen. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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