Bloggers: How organized are you with your passwords?

I know, it’s uncomfortable to think about…but we have to think about it. All the work we do online, all the time we pour into our blog and the connections and friendships we make on social media. We have to think about how to prepare for an emergency.
This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. 
It will happen, how organized and prepared are you? Bloggers, does someone have access to your blog, hosting, and social media channels? Safe by Estate Assist is your online safe deposit box and they are helping you be more organized and prepared for all the curveballs life can throw at you.  
Store passwords to all your social media channels, your hosting, and even prepare for end of life issues, all on the secure and safe site Safe by Estate Assist. Then, share it immediately with one person or allow them access only in the event of a disaster. Your choice. Be prepared. 
Safe by Estate Assist
Everyone needs this site, but I am talking to you, bloggers.  You who work online.  What is your blog going to say? I want to upload a document with my own “goodbye” letter created so my husband (or someone else) doesn’t have to.  I want someone to be able to post a notice on my social media channels.  I want someone to have the ability to cancel my hosting, or continue to pay it (their choice). 

Create an account. They have a free trial so you can look around before inputing any information. 

Select the category you want to start with.  As a blogger, I started with the “online” category (see screenshot below).  I set it up so my husband can access all my accounts now or later (you can select “share when death is verified.”) 

Safe by Estate Assist categories

Upload documents.  This is very helpful for living wills, instructions, maybe even letters to loved ones.

Select the recipients.  You can share some information now with one person, choose to share other information after your passing with someone else.  This is especially useful if you are married and want to share usernames and passwords for all current accounts.


Choose who to share your Estate with
They back this with the highest level of online security – bank level security. Here is their promise, in their words: 
All of Estate Assist’s solutions are guarded by our proprietary Estate Guard Security technology. We use Bank Level 256-bit AES security standards in order to ensure personal and financial data and documents are stored and transferred to and from Estate Assist safely and securely.

 Estate Safe is also backed by our $1 million Estate Guard Guarantee. In the event that user data on Estate Assist is compromised, the company will spend up to $1 million for breach recovery.  

So my friends, what do you think? Do you have a plan? Do you think Estate Assist Safe can help you be more prepared? 
In my family I do all the banking, planning and organizing of our finances. The idea of sitting down together to talk with Josh about what goes where and why is overwhelming and sometimes daunting. This site allows us to organize ourselves and then just share it with each other and it keeps all the emotion out of it. It is SUCH a huge help! 
Do you have any questions about Estate Assist Safe? I would love to help you answer them and even pass your questions on to the company! 

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