Congrats Packers and Jordy Nelson on the Superbowl Win!

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Superbowl XLV was a very good game!  I don’t normally watch the game (or the commercials). I just eat food, hang out with family. But everytime I glanced at the score I was shocked at how close it was! I got to watching it and kept watching.

And I saw Jordy Nelson make the first touch down with a 29 yard toss – that was a really cool moment.

Then I saw Jordy Nelson miss a very important catch. Thankfully it didn’t cost them the game – the Packers still won!

Why my seeming obsession with Jordy Nelson?

Cause I went to high school with him. (My yearbooks are in the attic, I didn’t have time to get them down for the superbowl party, but I am going to get them and show you some fun pictures!)

I graduated in 2002 from Riley County High School, and he was a year below me.  I was a super big book nerd, I never went to any of the football games. In fact, it wasn’t until I got involved in the Pep Club in order to have some extra curricular activities to put on my scholarship applications that I even cared about sports.  Jordy’s older brother Mike was in my class and they were on the football team and basketball team together. I am pretty sure they both did track too. Jordy was receiver and Mike was quarterback – they were pretty good I think…makes me wish I payed attention to sports in high school. I do know that our basketball team ROCKED .  And I remember thinking Mike was going to go pro. Then my senior year, Jordy’s junior, I heard rumors about Nebraska scouts trying to get Jordy. I had no idea why….I was thinking about my own college.

So it feels so weird to watch Jordy Nelson – the little brother – as a pro football Superbowl winner!  Kinda cool.  Like “hey, I know someone famous.”

But what is really awesome is how I went to a small town that is all about family and closeness.  When Jordy went to K-State, his parents opened a burger joint called “Nelson’s Landing” in Leondardville.  It is a wonderful restaurant – everything a small town eatery should be. It has high school sports memorabilia throughout and delicious burgers and drinks.  But the best part is going there to catch up with everyone else from the small town. Hearing where they are now, where they are going, and remembering where they came from. Sounds like a country song.

Sports were a huge thing at high school. I remember thinking that everyone participated in almost every sport.  We didn’t have the “football players” and the “basketball players.” We had the “athletes” and they composed about 75% of my class. These kids were all wonderful friends and so nice. So unlike the jocks you see in movies.  Even though I was this huge book nerd, I got along really well with the rest of my class and I am so proud of all my classmates.  I don’t think I could have gone to a better school.  Small town, hick, country, wonderful.

And not just because of Jordy Nelson.

Because of who I am today, because of the friends I still have from my class.

Congrats Jordy! Thank you for bringing back some really great memories!

Written by:: Annie

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    Yea Haa! I am celebrating too! I am a born & raised Packer fan & CheeseHead 😉
    It think it is cool you have ties to the team, we are like shirt-tail cousins ! Sports are a great way to get exercise & instill hard work and team values to kids, so it goes beyond the super star status. I hope you get to run into him & maybe get an autograph in your year book 🙂

  2. says

    How cool u know one of the packers! I love the packers and have since I was little. I was so proud that they won the SuperBowl. GO PACKERS!

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