Monday Minglin’ Again!

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Happy Monday everyone! So apparently July 4th is in like two weeks. That is un-stinking-real! I am trying to get used to the ridiculous heat. We have our sprinklers, our bounce house, and our sandbox is in the shade.

Today I am joining Jen from Eighty MPH Mom on her fun vlog hop Monday Mingle! Click the button below to be transported to her page.  If you have ever vlogged before you really need to do this hop. I try to whenever I have a bit of time. The questions are super easy and it is a fun way to get into Vlogging if you are not used to it.

Of course if you don’t vlog, at least answer these questions for me in the comments. I’d love to hear what you say!

Here are the questions I answer in the video. If you don’t want to/can’t watch the vid, I gave my answers 🙂

1. Have you put away the winter clothes until next year?
I put away my heavy jackets and heavy blankets. But I don’t have anywhere to store my winter clothes so the ones that still fit me are in my closet. The ones that my kids outgrew I had to give away because of our lack of storage spaces. I cannot wait for Josh to get this addition done!
2.  What is your typical daily summer attire?
A plain colored, fitted shirt and a pretty skirt! I adore skirts and shirts – breastfeeding friendly and much more flattering on my than shorts.
3. Finish this sentence… “Why is it that everytime I
Why is it that every time I wash wash clothes and towels they are the load I forget in the machine and discover after they stink of mildew? Please tell me I am not the only one that does this! No other load of laundry is forgotten, but for some weird reason I always forget my towels overnight and the next day I get so mad!

My Video:

Untitled from Annie Shultz on Vimeo.

(btw: do you like how Lizzie has this “vanishing” act around the :54 mark? LOL!! That was because after I read the first question, she started to pester her little sister. I stopped the video and asked her to go play with David in the sandbox outside the front door. She did and I finished recording real quick. I love how it looks like she just *poofs* though!)

Written by:: Annie

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  1. says

    ROFL at her vanishing – that is pretty cool!

    What a cute little smile that Lucy has!

    I need to start wearing skirts more often…they are pretty darned comfortable 🙂 Oh ewww on the mildewy towels. I hate it when I forget them in the washer. GAG. LOL.

    It’s nice to see your face and I’m so glad you mingled! Have a great week Annie!

  2. says

    Lizzie and Lucy are both so cute! I try so hard not to forget clothes, because I can’t stand that smell. Funny story: when I went into labor with Bella, I was up timing my contractions. I started a load of laundry to pass the time, then I realized this was IT. I woke hubs & Bryson up and we loaded up the car and were walking out the door. By this time, I can barely talk through my contractions, but I remembered that load of laundry. I went back in the house and put it into the dryer. Bella was born about an hour later, haha.

    Sorry for the novel. Thanks for always encouraging me to vlog!

  3. says

    Oh your kids are so cute!

    It’s way too hot here so I don’t have many winter items that need to be put away. We just throw on overshirts in the winter. 🙂

    Haha, you’re the opposite of me as far as summer wear. I’m just so used to and comfortable in shorts where the skirts are something that I’m working on.

    Oooh the towels, that’s a good one. I forget the stuff that’s in the wash too and wind up having to redo it. Sometimes even a couple of times!

    Nice seeing you mingling again!

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