Photo books help with memory loss

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Guest post by:
Becca Bernstein of Picaboo Photo Books

I can’t smell. It’s the funny thing called anosmia, which basically means my nose doesn’t work. If there’s a defect to be born with, this is it, as it doesn’t affect me the much. Except when it comes to my memory. It’s horrible.

I can remember I had Pad Thai for lunch yesterday and my parent’s old phone number. But I forget a lot of things. Like memories. I totally forgot about the food fight in the 3rd grade that almost had me suspended. Or my daughter’s first birthday when she had an allergic reaction to cinnamon.

Because of this, I’m a huge fan of memory books and I make time to organize my digital photos. (Full disclosure starts here) Now, I must say, I work for Picaboo helps you turn digital images into memorable photo books, collage posters, calendars and holiday cards. Before I worked for Picaboo, I was true scrapbooker. Every January, I made a life poster and in December, I made an annual report of my life. This was my ritual. Now, I make Picaboo photo books and calendars that document our life. But the thing is, I’ve never been great at photography until Stephanie Glover joined Picaboo’s 365 Photography Project. Each week, she shares a new photography tutorial, which I’ve applied to my own learning. I’ve learned how to read a histogram, understand the rule of thirds and better understand white balance.

Photography isn’t the only thing that inspires me. I also really enjoy looking at the books our customers make. For instance, this book titled Little Brown Bear, is a sweet adoption story about a boy who found his way into the right home. I also love this book about Joshua and his climb from new kid on the baseball team to a pro. It’s inspiring to see what people create. And if you’re interested, here are 14 photo books made by Picaboo customers that moved me greatly.

How’s your memory? Do you remember things better than me? I hope so. But just I case you can’t, making a Picaboo photo book is a good option.

Written by:: Annie

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    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      Oh I loved reading this! Picaboo is so easy ins’t it? Wow, 3 years of photo books, I can just tell you captured some very beautiful memories.

  1. says

    My memory for certain things is wonderful, but other things…it stinks. About 20 years ago, when I was a college student, my roommate and I traveled to mexico for a long weekend. When I got back home, I dropped my film off at a 24 hour photo place, and the next day, I went to pick the pictures up. I opened up the envelope and found someone else’s pictures. Unfazed, I returned to the desk to exchange them for my own. They searched and searched and finally came up with my negatives, which, horrifyingly, were ripped down the middle. The whole roll was ruined. I think the store gave me a free roll of film and a free developing, but it didn’t matter. An entire trip was lost. I still don’t have many memories of that trip (except for the fear of sleeping in a hotel room while some drunk guy scream profanities outside my door…). I realized then how much MY photos make my memories.

    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      oh my word! I’d be so upset Lolli! Yes, I know what you mean though. Without pictures, my memory of events is so much duller….so much worse! And the best pictures can help you relive the entire moment!

  2. says

    My memory is awful, but even if it weren’t photos help us talk about our memories. They even refresh our memories about special things we’ve forgotten. I’m terrible about printing out my photos. I need to start using Picaboo.

  3. says

    Hey Annie! Thanks for sharing my post. I’m glad to see others have issues remembering memories. I always feel like a bad mom when my hubby says: “Remember when….” And I think to myself, “No. I don’t remember that.”

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