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Have you heard about the new site Big Little Pond? From the same group that brought you eBay, I want to introduce you to Big Little Pond. It is a place you can go to read reviews of products, ask for advice about toys and things you are thinking of buying, and engage in the community with other parents.

I don’t know about you – but when I am thinking of getting something for Lizzie or David, I immediately go to Amazon.com and search the reviews.  What I love about Big Little Pond is the community – you can follow people’s collections. And yes – you can create collections, just like pin boards on Pinterest. It even has an “Add It” bookmarklet you can put in your browser!

(click the screenshot below to make it bigger)

Here is a brief introduction to the site. On the top, an easy-to-use search bar.  As more people join the site (it is brand spankin’ new) you will be able to search for reviews and commentary on the products you are curious about.  If you cannot find any reviews, then list it in the Seeking Advice area and watch the community help you out!

Then, below, you can see the Most Recently Collected items.  These are all from the users you follow, so you can make sure and only see products that relate to your life. (Why follow someone that is collecting baby girl items when you have toddler boys?)

You can also search for friends and invite them via e-mail and Facebook.  So easy!

This is my official invitation to you! Go check out BIG LITTLE POND NOW and let me know what you think!

Since it is so new, be sure to leave feedback for the owners. (little tiny icon in the bottom right of the screen).

Thank you Big Little Pond for sponsoring me to BlogHer12!  Compensation was provided for this post but opinions of how easy to use it is and how much I enjoy creating collections is 100% my own.  You should all go and check out this site for yourself and see what you think.

Written by:: Annie

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She is THE Mama Dweeb 🙂 She created this blog back in 2009 and loves to inspire and connect with others through her writing. She also loves talking, dreaming, 90s pop and country music.


    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      Thanks Kristin! If you do go make an account, let me know! We have girls the same age and I would follow your boards in a heart beat!

    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      Thanks Felicia! If you do make an account, I am definitely going to follow your boards. Your son and mine have similar interests 🙂

    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      I can definitely see this being the one place people go to FIRST to look up info on stuff before buying it 🙂

  1. says

    I love reading others thoughts before buying products – I always make sure I research before purchasing. How great that you can follow people. I’ll be sure and check out this site!

    See you in a few weeks at BlogHer!


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