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Do you have someone in your life that – bless their hearts – just gives the worst gifts? You love them, you know they mean so well…but your body tenses up with dread when they hand you a box? The gift is either so close to something you might actually want. Or, it is completely random, something you would never pick out – and for good reason.

I am terrified of being that gift giver. And I know I have relatives that are difficult to shop for.  One time, I really did try so hard to pick out something I thought this person would like. When I heard that familiar overly-loud upturn in their voice – “oh! Wow! This is wonderful!” I knew I’d blown it.

From then on, I decided to give gift cards.

But there are only so many ways to give a gift card and make it fun.  Nesting boxes inside bigger boxes.  Then there is the “here is a pretty card, guess what is inside?” Yeah, totally predictable. One time, I just handed the person the card. No wrapping, just “hey, here is your gift.”

What about putting the card in a pretty snow globe?

Aha! Now that is a fun idea! And even better – it exists! It is called Snomee.  Snow globes are universally loved by all ages.  So are gift cards. The marriage of the two is pure genius.  I mean, I don’t have to worry too hard about what to give Lizzie’s teacher this Christmas! (I really hope she isn’t reading this).

Snomees are super affordable – only $14-20 – and are available with FREE SHIPPING! And really, $15 is a fantastic deal because your recipient can use their Snomee as a regift if they want.

Go browse their selection – there are some really cute and funny designs on their site.  I personally like the one I got to review – it is a “handyman” Santa. Josh is  a builder and always has tools with him.

Warning: Snomees cause fights. Here is proof from my photo shoot:

So buy more than one.  It will totally keep the peace!

What do you think? Aren’t these the cutest way to give a gift card ever?

Go to and tell me what your favorite design is and who it reminds you of! You can also follow Snomee on Twitter and Facebook!

This is a sponsored post from Snomee.  My opinions and my kids’ love for this snow globe are 100% our opinions. 


Written by:: Annie

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  1. Betty Hancock says

    I LOVE snow globes!!!! And these are the cutest! My fav is the books/reading snomee. I love to give books as gifts and this is an awesome way for my friends and family to choose their own 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!!!

    • Betty Hancock says

      I do want to say (and forgot on the original post) that I have among my friends librarians and book reviewers. Plus, I’m a retired children’s librarian 🙂

  2. Will says

    Awww… how cute! What a great idea! I’ve seriously been trying to come up with some great, creative ways to give gift cards before Christmas, and I stumbled upon this site that I thought I’d share… — TONS of great ways to give gift cards!

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