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Please welcome a guest post from one of my favorite product review bloggers – Jessica from “The B keeps us honest.” Her full bio is below this post. Check out her blog for tons of awesome reviews of baby and toddler products! She shares her 5 favorite products for every new baby (she is on baby #3 now) Share in the comments what YOUR must have products are too!

In a few weeks we will be welcoming baby boy 3 into our family. As we start to prepare for his arrival, I’m realizing there only a few items that I really need.

These are my top 5 MUST-HAVE baby items.

1. Baby Carrier – Wraps, Slings, Structured Carriers, etc. – there are many from which to choose. I have several different kinds that I use but one thing is consistent about each of them: they help me hold the baby keeping my hands free to do other things like taking care of other children… or eat.
2. Nursing Accessories – My Brestfriend, nursing bras, Medela Double Electric Pump, nipple cream – these are all lifesavers for a breastfeeding mama. I will invest good money into products that help make feeding baby easier and more efficient. If you plan on breastfeeding I highly suggest spending the extra money on quality products because it’s TOTALLY worth it.

3. Swaddle Blankets – Swaddling baby keeps them warm and snuggly. Keeping baby warm and snuggly helps them feel safe. When baby feels safe they sleep better. Therefore a swaddled baby = a sleeping baby! WIN. We use regular swaddling blankets as well as some various wraps or wearable blankets. (Each baby is different so having a variety of swaddles available is nice.)
4. Safe Car Seat – If you plan on ever leaving your house you need a car seat. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a good car seat but I do recommend buying a new car seat because you never know the history of a car seat and saving a few dollars is never worth risking your child’s life. Also, if you already own a car seat, make sure that it hasn’t expired and is still safe to use.
5. Aspirator – Keeping your baby breathing is a pretty high priority and using an aspirator is essential. Babies hate it but it works!

Everyone has his or her preferences and these are mine. I like to keep things simple but I certainly take advantage of the many extravagant baby items we own. I think anything that makes caring for baby easier is a winner in my book.

What is your must-have baby item?

About Jessica Lieb
Jessica is a family lifestyle blogger living in Raleigh, NC with her husband, two sons (4 & 1), and one son on the way (due Oct 2012). Jessica started in November of 2009, but has been blogging since 2003. Jessica writes about family life, recipes, travel and products for families. She is also a Work-from-home-mom who manages marketing and social media for a local accounting company.

Written by:: Annie

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    this is truly a MUST HAVE list. babies don’t need much in terms of clothing and toys and frills. they need basics to keep them safe, warm and healthy, good list


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