K-State Marching Band at Sunset Zoo Spooktacular Video & photos!

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On Sunday, October 21st, my family enjoyed (and paid for ourselves – just clearing that up) the Sunset Zoo Spooktacular in Manhattan, KS. Yes, the Little Apple – not to be confused with Manhattan, NY.  Manhattan, Kansas is home to the totally ON FIRE Kansas State University Wildcats – they are currently #1 in the Big 12! (I am not the perfect football fan ever, and had to google our ranking. According to ESPN, K-State is 7-0, 1st in Big 12, so YEAH BUDDY!)

Sunset Zoo Spooktacular is an anual event where kids can dress up, see the animals, and collect candy from local business that set up booths throughout the zoo.  Another bonus was seeing Willy the Wildcat (KSU Mascot) taking pictures with kids! David was too intimidated by the large head to take a picture with him, but Lizzie was very excited! There were tons of people there Sunday. But I was very impressed with the Sunset Zoo staff, who handled the parking and made it so much less of a nightmare! The kids had a blast, Josh and I made some amazing memories, and I cannot wait to go again next year. Here is a short clip of the K-State Marching Band playing “The Hey Song” at the zoo. We all danced and loved listening to them play all the fan favorites too – Wabash Cannonball and the Fight Song!

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    Hi, I’m coming over from a link party. Nice to meet you. I am new at blogging and am loving meeting great bloggers. Looks like you have a FUN day at the zoo. I love to go to the zoo in October.

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