My kids will not know Hi8 or mini DVs #YesMemory

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Yes VideoI sat down to record my vlog about YesVideo when David interrupted me. It was so cute that I kept it in the video!  I was talking about the Hi8 and mini DV tapes I have and how we are going to send them to YesVideo to get them transferred to DVD.  David looked at those small tapes and had no idea what they were.

Watch the video, it is so cute!


I remember hooking my camera up to my computer and transferring the video clips. Then waiting for it to burn to a DVD. This took up a ton of time and a ton of space on my computer. It is so much easier to just go inside Wal-Mart, drop off my movies, and wait for YesVideo to do the transferring for me!

I think it is so funny that my kids will never know what an Hi8 tape is.  The only reason they are familiar with VCRs and VHS tapes is because Lizzie and David kept scratching the Disney DVDs so I bought tapes that would outlast my toddlers.  But now that Lucy is growing up, I bet I start collecting DVD and Blu-Rays soon. I might keep the VCR in the attic and a few VHS tapes just for nostalgia purposes.

Everything is digital now. I can’t wait to see my home movies! I made some funny ones of when I was pregnant with Lizzie 5 years ago!

How do your kids watch home movies? Do you think a transfer service is something you would use? If so, stick around! In January I will be giving away a transfer service to one of my readers!

I am a compensated ambassador of YesVideo. All opinions are 100% my own.

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    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      I still have some teeny tiny mini-DV tapes in my attic I have to get down too. It will be fun for them to see baby Lizzie and movies of our first trailer LOL

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