Sshh!! Don’t tell the kids – this is what is under the tree

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I am so glad my kids do not read my blog. I had to share with you what they will be getting for Christmas! This is just one of their gifts. We usually get them 3 gifts each, and we have still not decided what the other 2 gifts will be.  What they want from us isn’t exactly thrilling for me – a puppy, a kitten, a guinea pig, a duckling, a turtle (thank you Wonder Pets!).   I was thinking of getting all three of them bikes this year. I have yet to purchase a single bike, poor Lizzie has never owned one!

Their wish list is long enough, but we are blessed to be surrounded by generous family members. I’m not sure what items on the list will be left for Josh and I. Definitely not a complaint! Until I figure out what their other two gifts will be, look at what they are getting!


My Little Pony Princess Cadence

 My Little Pony Princess Cadence Pony. It is $21.99 at Toys R Us. Lizzie has just started to love My Little Pony. She watches it on Netflix and has an assortment of little figures I collected from BlogHer and Type A Conference.  I saved those for the past 2 years and she is starting to play with them this month! Now she is starting to ask for more My Little Pony stuff. She will flip out – this is large, like the same size as her Barbies. And it has hair she can brush and wings that light up!


This is the Spiderman stunt airplane! It is from Playskool and he already has another Spiderman and Hulk from this line of toys, they can all take turn flying in it! It is only $12.99 at Toys R Us and he will be so excited!  David loves trains, trucks, vehicles of any kind, and Superheroes. Perfect combination!


I was kinda on the fence about this one – Lucy does not need any more dolls! But it is so hard not to get her another doll when she gets so excited about a new one and loves it so much! This is the Baby Alive Princess Sips and Tinkles.   It is $26.23 on I think Lucy will have so much fun feeding her and changing her diaper. I am kinda concerned though – does it really make that diaper wet? Hasbro sells more diapers for this line of dolls….I might just teach Lucy how to use cloth diapers. This is one of those toys that I got for her because I know how excited she will be and that is worth it to me! Plus, we already have another Baby Alive doll and so the clothes will fit between them.

Now spill it! What are you getting your kids for Christmas? 

Disclaimer: These toys were sent to me on behalf of Hasbro. I picked them out cause I knew exactly what my kids wanted – Hasbro is the perfect brand for my young children! I love them so much. Oh that is my honest opinion, no other compensation was received.

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    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      Isn’t it awesome?? David already has a car for his spiderman now he will flip out over this plane! And it is sooooo affordable $13! 🙂

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