Walmart video drop off or online easy ship kit? #YesMemory

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YesVideo at Wal-mart


We did it!  We braved Wal-mart on a Sunday afternoon, with 3 kids under 6 years old. The video really illustrates how it all went down. What you don’t see in the video is the length of time we spent in the toy section, letting them play and play, and pick out one toy each.

As an ambassador for YesVideo, I was assigned a review of their service at my local Wal-mart store. And as easy as it was to use, I highly suggest that any mother of young children use the YesVideo online shipping service instead. If your kids are in school, then dropping the videos off at the Wal-mart photo desk is a breeze. You can also print off an order form online and take it, saving you lots of time.

You don’t pay for your DVD transfer until you pick up your DVDs and videos at the Wal-mart photo desk. The transfer service takes about 3 weeks, and it costs $19.99 per 2hr DVD they create.  Along with the transfer, my movies will be available online, so I can access them from any device!

Annie: what did you send in? 

Oh, about 10 years ago, we recorded a video of my college roommate’s wedding. We never gave her the Hi-8 tape. And she doesn’t live anywhere near me. So having her wedding movie online will be fantastic! I can email her the link and password and she can view it while she waits for the hard copy to arrive in the mail.

We are also making a DVD of one of Josh’s first concerts he performed as a bass player in a small band.  I think it will be funny. It has been far more than 10 years since that tape was made!

I made a video documenting my experience at Wal-mart. At the end, you will notice my exhaustion. This is exactly why the fine folks at YesVideo offfer Easy Ship Kits. No thinking, no hassle, no kids at Wal-mart.

In 3 weeks I will be making another video sharing the results!

Enjoy the video!

I am a compensated ambassador for YesVideo. All opinions are 100% my own.

Written by:: Annie

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  1. says

    This is such a great option and I love that we can re-live memories from bygone years so easily

    PS Love the video. Your kids are adorable!!

    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      In the video you see a toy cash register on Lizzie’s lap – it was on clearance. David got train tracks for his take and play thomas trains. Lucy got nothing cause that silly girl kept asking for a baby doll that she already has at home. (it was nap time. So totally not pretty LOL)

  2. says

    That video is TOO cute. You look a little frazzled at the end, there must have been some creative editing as I don’t believe the entire process only took 2 1/2 minutes. HaHa
    This is a really neat service, I have a couple of HI-8 tapes that I would love to have transferred onto DVD. I love the mail-in service and I don’t have any kids, I just hate spending any extra time at WalMart that I don’t have to. =)

    • Annie @ Mama Dweeb says

      Thank you Lorie!! Yeah, Wal-mart always makes me frazzled, especially during nap time! Josh is normally a huge help, but on this occassion he was pretty sleep deprived. LOL

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