Sponsored Video – LOL Monkey Thieves

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First – how cute are monkeys that speak with an Australian accent? Too cute!!

Next – I adore Samsung fridges. I really want to save up my money and get one like they show in this video. Hey, if a monkey can open it…

And did you see those shelves? Oh my word, I die! The drawers, the shelves in the door! Organization is kinda exciting to me. I admit it.

I currently own a Samsung fridge. We upgraded recently and got one of the less exciting (read lower cost) models.  It still works beautifully! It isn’t as exciting and slick as the one in this ad. But it has an ice dispenser and water in the door! (Now my kids can get their own water, which means they drink more of it!)

Woah. I was reading through information about the fridge the monkeys raided. It has humidity controls. Yeah. You can actually keep fruit and veggies fresher longer in this fridge. I. Need. That. I currently have to replace my produce so often and we don’t eat it fast enough. (that is a whole other issue though. Back to the monkeys)

And the storage in this fridge is unbeatable. It has no dead space. Just check out the picture below. My eyes immediately saw the rack holding the glass bottles horizontally. That is pure genius right there.

Funny Samsung Monkey Video

Then there is one more thing I absolutely adore – the bottom freezer drawer. If you saw my kitchen, you would see all my lower cabinets have drawers. My pots and pans are in drawers. I love drawers. They make getting stuff out and organizing stuff so much easier than deep shelves.

I want this fridge.

For more fun, check out the Samsung site. And for lots more laughs, go spend some time on the Samsung YouTube channel!

This post is sponsored by Samsung. All opinions are 100% my own.

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