Running out of room on my computer #YesMemory

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Recently, I got a pop-up warning on my computer. It said my start-up disk was running out of memory. While I kinda had a feeling I knew why, I had to email my super-smart brother-in-law to ask him exactly what to do about this.

I have a six-year-old iMac. He suggested I download the “Daisy Disk” app for $10 from the App Store. It scans your computer and then tells you exactly what is on your computer and how much space it is taking up.

 Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 9.13.17 PM

This is what I saw.  Not surprisingly, DropBox, pictures, and movies were taking up the most space. 109GB of movies!  My brother in law gave this advice about the movies:

Movies could be put somewhere for storage. If you really care about the movies and would be devastated if they disappeared then you should put them in two different places. I saw a 2gb external drive for $90. Two of those would be awesome – one for having everything (precious memories like movies) backed up at home and another with the same data somewhere else (like Mom & Dad’s). Then if you add something to the backup you can swap the drives and make sure they both have the same stuff. Keep them in separate places in case of disasters like fire, tornadoes, theft, or something else. Eventually those drives WILL die but they shouldn’t die at the same time so you will have time to get a replacement and duplicate the remaining drive.


Backing up movies and photos is beyond smart. I am going to start putting all my movies onto DVDs via YesVideo.  That way, after I put my movies onto the two hard drives, I can delete them from my computer and still be able to watch them anytime I want.  Some of these movies will be easier to move off my computer – like product reviews. Some will be harder – like the ones of David and Lucy as a baby. The baby videos are ones I seriously have to get on DVD.

In fact, I am going to compile some super cute clips of David and Lucy as babies and then compare them to how “big” they are now. (Big is relative, cause they are still so young).  And I will be sharing that video with you next week. I am going to have so much fun making this video.

Please tell me – how do you back up your home movies and photos that are on your computer? Have you made DVDs? 

I am a compensated YesVideo ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own.

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