Just like hiring a personal chef #DietToGo

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Diet-To-Go diet meal

Disclosure: FitFluential compensated me for this post and I received Diet-To-Go meals at no cost. All opinions are 100% my own.

Did I tell you that I got a new job? I did. It is full time, in an office. And let me tell you, the transition hasn’t gone super smoothly. But the longer we work at it, the easier it gets.

That is why when I heard about the chance to review the Diet-To-Go diet meals, I jumped at the chance! I heard from my friends how amazing these meals tasted. And being so busy working and being a mom and blogging, I have not had a lot of time to cook healthy meals for myself.

Diet Meal


Seriously – I’ve been eating a ton of veggies and lean meats thanks to Diet-To-Go!

Basically, what you do is order food from Diet-To-Go. It arrives frozen. Now you know exactly what you are eating – no more excuses, no more drive-thrus. All your food is in your freezer! And the taste? Diet meals never tasted so delicious to me! This is because they are unique, and have a ton of flavor!

They have three menus you can choose from – traditional, vegetarian, and low-carb meals. I chose the low-carb and I don’t think I ate a single carb in any of the meals they sent. I didn’t miss them either. Every meal was jam packed with huge, delicious veggies. I was completely full!

Diet To Go meal

There are a few other things I really enjoyed about Diet-To-Go:

  1. No contract – buy it once, and never again, or keep buying at your pace!
  2. Amazing taste. Seriously, I was very impressed with even their eggs!
  3. No cancellation fees. Since there is no contract, you can order as often – or not – as you prefer
  4. Change your menu! You can log into their website and choose a different menu plan as often as you like.
  5. Choose your own menu plan.  You can order just lunch and dinner, or all three meals. They have 20 different meals you can choose from!

Price – if you are pinching pennies, do your own math to see if this is in your price range. It comes out to around $6 per meal. In my opinion the taste and lack of cooking was totally worth it! Think about how much a meal is at a restaurant. That being said, I have cooked for myself and made meals that work out to be $2-4 per person per meal. So be your own judge!


Get 20% when you sign up! Use coupon code “FitFlutential” at checkout!

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign.
All opinions are my own;


Written by:: Annie

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  1. says

    It is such a good thing when you juggle with work and home and kids – sometimes we would just go with Mcdrive or all type or fast-food junk just to save some time. I am happy to know that you did not go this way!

  2. says

    Yum! Those meals look delicious and it is so nice to sometimes not have to make all the food decisions for a meal. And some days not having to cook is such a blessing!

  3. says

    We eat very healthy at home (except for right now when I’m about to eat some homemade deep fried cinnamon chips :)). While I think that this is an excellent plan for a lot of people, I don’t think I could spend $6 for a meal on a regular basis. That said, I’m sure these meals are much healthier than the high sodium, $2.50 meals my husband takes to work. And Hanan is right, it is less than you’d pay for fast food so if that is what you usually get, this is a great option.

  4. Josie says

    Diet to go is a great idea and all the 5 points you noted are all good reasons to go for this as an option to lose some pounds. The thing i would like to know is, Are the vegetables, meats and other produce all organic and not modified in anyway? Do they explain where they get there foods from?
    Great blog by the way\

    Josie 🙂

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