One time, at Red Lobster, we got 3 separate compliments on our well behaved kids

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red lobster happy kids


{ I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. }

My family received a $40 Red Lobster gift card in the mail with one mission: go out to eat together. At first I was going to take my husband on a very-rare date night. But then life happened and plans fell through.

See, the problem is that the nearest Red Lobster is an hour from my house. Finding childcare for 4 hours so we can have dinner alone isn’t all that easy.

So instead of doing the date-thing, Josh suggested we just do a family meal after church. We planned way ahead – fed the children a hearty breakfast and snacks at church so they could make it the hour to the restaurant and the 20 minutes for us to get our food.

Somehow, this was a magical day.

The weather was amazing. Gorgeous! Sunny and not too hot, a little windy, but lovely.  We arrived around 1:45pm – just as Red Lobster was clearing out after the lunch rush. We were seated immediately in a corner of the place with only 3 other couples – all grandparents (or that age at least).

And our waiter – he was the best.  So courteous, spoke directly to each of the children, getting down on their level. He was very quick and kind.

He kept the cheddar bay biscuits on our table and the kids snacked on them. We all played “eye spy” with objects on their menus/coloring pages.  Then all of us (yes, even Josh) started to use our hands like lobster pinchers in the air.

I glanced over at another table, and the lady was using her hands like lobster pinchers too! I smiled and giggled to myself.

Our food came, we all ate and chatted.

No tantrums. No fights. It was surreal. 

One by one these couples finished their meals. And every single one spoke to us on the way out.

“Eye spy a very blessed family,” said the lady that used her hands in lobster pinching.

“You have such wonderful children,” said another.

“Thank you for sharing this part of the restaurant with us, we enjoyed sitting near your sweet family,” said another.

I looked at Josh and we both just smiled incredulously.

“How do we duplicate this experience, Annie?!?!” He asked.

“Flip a coin,” I said.

Cause it doesn’t happen very often.

Red Lobster New Logo

The food? It was amazing and that helped our experience be as wonderful as it was. My kids love seafood – Josh takes them fishing and we eat catfish and trout pretty often.   We would eat at Red Lobster much more often if it wasn’t such a long drive from my house.

I ordered (not pictured) the sweet crab linguini. So creamy, so sweet. I savored every little bite. And then I took some Cheddar Bay Biscuits home so I could enjoy them throughout the week. Those things are addicting!

New Cheddar Bay Biscuit Shrimp-&-Lobster Pot Pie

Right now they have (pictured above) cheddar bay biscuit pot pie!! It is part of their Seaside Mix & Match promotion. And just look at those shrimp!  DIVINE!!!!

And check this out — >  Don’t forget to sign up for the Fresh Catch Club e-newsletter and check back on Facebook for special offers throughout Seaside Mix & Match.

Thank you for listening to my story! I do hope we are able to get back to Red Lobster as a family and have just as beautiful an experience next time!! (hahahahaha I can dream, right?)

 I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

Written by:: Annie

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She is THE Mama Dweeb 🙂 She created this blog back in 2009 and loves to inspire and connect with others through her writing. She also loves talking, dreaming, 90s pop and country music.


  1. says

    Oh, my goodness. I may go to Red Lobster just for the Cheddar bay biscuit pot pie alone! I love those things and can only imagine that the make the best pot pie. Sadly, this is one restaurant we don’t go to as a family because my oldest is allergic to shellfish. 🙁 …We’ll save this one for date night! 🙂

  2. says

    Love Red Lobster! It’s one of our favorite places to go. Their food is delicious, and the staff has always been great. That said, we haven’t gone with the kids there. But, I think they’d probably do good too. It really depends on the time of day we eat out.

  3. says

    YAYY!!!! I love that your kids were so well-behaved so you guys could enjoy lunch together!

    I don’t like seafood – not even a little bit – but that changed after I got pregnant with James. My Dad makes seafood quite a bit, but he always cooks chicken for me!

  4. says

    I look forward to the day I don’t have a toddler trying to climb the table, bang things together, and throw things! It does happen eventually… right? 🙂

  5. says

    This is adorable. Red Lobster was our special occasion eat-out place when I was a kid. Since we often had our own beef at home and could easily get pork and chicken as well, good seafood was a big deal, so we used it to celebrate.

    Lots of memories of my dad getting “dressed up” (NOT wearing his work boots and holey jeans) to go to Red Lobster. Thanks for the smiles!

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