Iced Mocha Recipe #lactoseFree

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Lactose free Iced Mocha RecipeMy entire life, I’ve been a milk-lover.  Cereal, milk and PB&Js, milk and cookies, warm milk before bed – and now I am loving iced mochas! But ever since I became pregnant with Lucy, my body does not respond well to lactose, an enzyme in milk.  I am not 100% lactose intolerant – I can still handle Greek yogurt (thankfully!).

But mochas and milk and cookies I simply cannot handle.  I recently participated in a compensated educational campaign with The Motherhood and Lactaid. I learned that the lactose in dairy is what caused my bad reactions. Lactaid is not a milk replacement – it is milk! But one thing Lactaid has – that means I can finally make my own mochas again! – is a tasteless enzyme that breaks down the lactose in the milk.

I am thrilled to share with you my own recipe for homemade iced mochas! Delicious, refreshing, and perfect for lactose-sensitive people like me.

The Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian was on the Today Show and shared a lactose free Creamy Mushroom Sauce recipe. Click that link and check out her video – it looks amazing!

lactose free iced mocha recipe

Lactose Free Iced Mocha Recipe


1 cup brewed coffee1/2 cup iced
1/2 cup Lactaid milk
4 Tablespoons Ovaltine (or other chocolate powder)


Brew coffee
Blend all ingredients
Serve over ice, enjoy!

Change this up! Add a smidge of coconut extract to make it taste like German Chocolate cake! Top with whipped cream! Yummy!!


Written by:: Annie

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    • says

      Oh it will DEFINITELY work with regular milk 🙂 Lactaid – being regular milk with an added tasteless enzyme – tastes exactly like regular milk. So just use your favorite kind of milk and enjoy 🙂

  1. Sherri Lewis says

    That does look good. Just in the past few years I have started not tolerating milk products very well…. wonder what causes it to develop during your adult years like that?

  2. denise smith says

    my mother inlaw is lactose int. she would like this for a evening snack and drink she loves chocolate and would like this very much i will share with her

  3. Shar says

    Gotta try this! I love coffee but don’t make iced coffee drinks for myself. My daughter has lactose issues and I know she loves iced coffees so will have to try this recipe.

  4. Maria Iemma says

    Thank you for this— my daughter just found out she is lactose intolerant and she loves mocha coffee drinks.

  5. Lynn M says

    Thank you for the recipe,I will have to try this once my boys start school and especially since I just found out that I have to start a dairy free diet.

  6. Liberty Thompson says

    Oh this sounds so delicious and I am going to the grocery store tonight so I will add the ingredients to my shopping list!

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