Installing and discovering the ingenuity of Delta

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Today, I am letting the awesomeness that is my husband Josh write the post! This is a review of the Delta Corrente Toilet installation and who better to write this than the man that installed it?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating..  Ok, now here is JOSH!!

true love josh

My kids received the box from the delivery truck and were excited like nobody’s business.  Why?  Because it was a large box with who knows what in it.  The picture of a commode on the side should have been a hint, but to a child it seemed more plausible that a bicycle or a new puppy had entered our lives.  We brought the box inside and began to open it, discovering more, BOXES!  The excitement grew electrical as the kids jumped up and down in barely controlled anticipation waiting for me to pull the new presents out and open them also.  A flat porcelain table? (the lid) and a bag of blue goodies, one goodie which is preloaded with water for cleaning up your new mess.  Another important goodie?  YES! A new set of chicken hats.  (otherwise known as blue nitrile gloves)

Delta toilet in box

Anyway, the fact that it turned out to be a toilet did not dissuade my children from having a good time.  The especially liked hearing me talk about my love of removing toilets and spilling water all over the floor.  (please reference the above preloaded goodie, which turned out to be the “extra absorbent” sponge – perfect for this part of the endeavor.)  After removing our old faithful porcelain throne, I discovered and approved of the rather clean area left behind.  I did not have to spend any time removing wax or cleaning the floor.

Delta Toilet seat

The new Delta only needed several assembly steps to complete the installation.  All of which can be completed with supplied universal toilet wrench.  The steps mostly consisted of installing the rubber gasket between the tank and the base and then bolting them together.  I was glad to find the innards to make everything flush were already installed and ready to go.  After installing the new wax ring (supplied with the toilet along with everything else you will need) the toilet slid over the new floor bolts (also supplied) and everything went together just like it was designed.  Once the water was hooked up we let the tank fill and with bated breath pressed the flush lever to see if I installed it correctly or if I missed with the wax ring and we were going to have a lot of water to sop up.

Delta Toilet

SUCCESS!  No water on the floor.  And really, not exaggerating here, it flushes quite well.  It is a very forceful flush that doesn’t leave you wondering if its going to take an extra one to actually get the job done.  Another feature that I quite liked (having not been much of a toilet connoisseur in the past) is the fact that the water supply hookup does not come out of the bottom of the tank.  It goes through the back of the tank near the top.  This keeps that last annoying bit of water that seems impossible to get out of the tank from spilling onto the floor when you have to unhook the supply line.  Yes, a very nice feature.

The only feature that I have found any concerns with is the seat.  Pros: Being a plastic seat, it is warmer to sit on so it does not leave you with that permanent hair raising experience you sometimes enjoy in the winter.  Also, the attachment method for the lid is different from the common system you see.  The nice feature of this new system is that cleaning around the lid is a breeze and you also don’t have to get under the lid and between the hinges.

But, and there is always a butt with toilet lids, I either did not install it securely enough or there is a small flaw in the design, because the seat moves slightly from side to side at times.  Not a severe amount, but there is movement.

All in all, I would give this Delta two thumbs up as we are quite satisfied with it.

Written by:: Annie

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  1. says

    I have found that the hardest part with installing a toilet is to lift it up and center it exactly over the wax ring. If you don’t get it right on and centered it can leak onto the floor. If that happens then you have to start all over again.

    • Annie says

      Dennie, that is totally correct! One time we didn’t have it on 100% correctly and it wasn’t good…..

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