YesVideo iPad app – sharing old memories on the go

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YesVideo iPad appHow do you watch movies from your childhood? What about slides your grandfather took when he was on vacation? Or videos you took in college?

Do you drag out your VCR, dust off the VHS tape and hope it plays? Or (more likely) all those memories are sitting in an attic or storage bin…just waiting to be enjoyed. I know I have so many home movies in storage!

YesVideo is super stoked about this app and I agreed to review it for them. I was compensated for my time, but my opinions are totally genuine. I thoroughly enjoy this app. It is free, so you should check it out too and see what you think.

YesVideo – the company that transfers almost any kind of media to DVD – created an iPad app! When you purchase a DVD transfer service, you have the option of downloading their app and enjoying your home movies wherever you are!


This is too cool. I am thinking of all the ways this can be awesome. Like taking your iPad to a family reunion and watching an embarassing home movie from the 80s with your cousins…or taking the iPad to your Great-grandfather’s apartment and showing him slides he hasn’t seen in years. 

This is amazing, really.

YesVideo iPad app login screen

When you first download the app – and yes, it is free! – you can either sign in with your already-established YesVideo account or login with Facebook.

I already created an online YesVideo account, so I used that. When I created an account, I signed up for the web-sharing option from YesVideo. After they transferred my Hi-8 tapes to DVD, they uploaded my home movies to my account online.


You can view your home movies right on the app. You can also do so much more!


Tapping the bottom tabs shows different things you can save to the app. When a movie is pauses, you can click the camera button on the right of the movie still and it will capture that image! All images you capture are saved to “My Snapshots.” This is my far one of my favorite features! Now you can grab and send pictures from your home movies!


Then, if you go to “My Snapshots” and tap one of them, you will see the above screen. You can put screen captures in a grid, or select an individual one. Then, you can share it on email, Facebook or Instagram or save it for later.

Just think of all the memories you could relive or experience for the first time, all from your iPad! And then – you can share the best moments as pictures. All from your iPad. Seriously, where are we – Star Trek? This is crazy!

I want to know – what still pictures from your home movies do you want to see most? 

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