He just wants mommy – forget VBS

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He is only four tiny years old.  As mature and strong this age makes him, it also means he still depends on mommy for emotional comfort, for rest, and rejuvenating an exhausted mind.  He is experiencing a tidal wave of new feelings, more complex thoughts, and his constant is mommy and daddy.

He is so blessed.

No, I am so blessed.

This week I am leading worship at our Vacation Bible School and helping direct his class from activity to activity during the two-hour night.  David always enjoys the beginning of VBS, but by the last half, he is done.

No games. Just feed me and take me home, please!

And when we get home, he looks up at me with his navy blue eyes and thick black lashes, imploring me for a snuggle. I lay next to him and listen as he unloads his thoughts of the day. Different mods he wants to try on Minecraft, why he hates games at VBS, and questions about whether coyotes can get into a house or the reality of badgers.

I listen, answer his questions and we connect. His mind empties, he smiles sweetly, turns his body away from mine and relaxes into a dreamy sleep.

This moment is a blessing. And what he says next melts my heart:
“You are my favorite mommy I ever had.”

I whisper back, “You are my favorite son, David,”

Written by:: Annie

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