How to create a photobook on your iPad

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Photo book on iPad


I just discovered one more use for my iPad mini! I can now create and print photobooks straight from it! Oh and even better, I don’t have to connect the iPad to my computer, download picture and wait. I can almost instantly insert photos directly from Instagram or Facebook. (Cause that is where all my daily memories collecting are stored anyways) I am working with Shutterfly on this post. All opinions are 100% my own.  And I am about to share them with you. The FREE Shutterfly Photo Story app is amazing!

You see, Shutterfly has a new iPad app and I am so thankful! I have some screenshots I took while I was making my photobook so you can see how easy it is.

1. Download the free Shutterfly Photo Story app – You can download it from Shutterfly. (click image below to download it!)


2. Sign in – if you already have a Shutterfly account, this part is easy. If not, you can sign up. I’d totally reccomend signing up for Shutterfly since they always have amazing deals for photo books, cards, basically anything you can put your photos on.

Shutterfly photo story

3. Click “Make New Photo Book”

4. Choose a book style – if you are busy like me, you will appreciate that they have quite a few different (and beautiful) pre-designed layouts, ready for you to put your photos into.

5. Choose the size you want

6. Gather photos – I always fetch my pictures from facebook and instagram. It has options for you to grab picture you stored on Shutterfly too, or you can also get photos from your computer. You will have to have your iPad connected to your computer for this option.   You can “select all” or select photos individually. To save time, I just selected all my instagram pictures.

7.  Click “Done” and watch as the app arranges your photos for you in the book. From here you can choose to change where the photos are, how big they are displayed, etc.

Shutterfly photo story app

8. Personalize it! At the bottom of the screen you can view/change the cover, pages, photos, layouts, backgrounds, and even add audio!

9. Add Audio to your electronic book!  You can create books to print, but you can also share these photo book electronically. If you choose to send it to someone, you can record audio to different pages. This way you can send “photo stories” to someone with your voice telling the story. It is such a beautiful and special way to remember the good times together.

share shutterfly photo story app iPad

10. Click the share button at the top and share your photo story with someone!  Then, they can enjoy it on their computer or they can order a hard copy for themselves. You can choose to share via Facebook or email.

Download this free app today!

That is it!  10 simple steps to a photo book, all from the ease of your iPad!


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Written by:: Annie

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  1. says

    Love that you can take it on the go. I’m always working on some project and sometimes I forget when I have to head out and do other things. Now when my husband is driving us somewhere I can just pull it out and work on it!

  2. Marie Winter says

    I love the mobility that comes along with using the app. It makes it easy to use when it’s the most convenient time for me!

  3. Desiree H says

    I love that you can create the photo book online OR offline! I also love that you would be able to share it with family and friends anytime.

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