Baby Orajel Review {$50 Target Gift Card #Giveaway}

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happy logan

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsorship on BabyCenter. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are baby Logan’s, his mommy’s and my own. 

Say “HI!” to baby Logan!  He is my best friend’s baby boy and boy is he teething! My friend is {almost} exclusively breastfeeding him (save for some mashed up bananas once in awhile) and asked me what I recommended for teething babies that was natural, safe, and worked.

I’ve always trusted Orajel. They were a fabulous brand when my kids were babies. And now they have this new line of products that are natural and I asked her if she would like to review them.

“How soon can they arrive?” she asked.

baby orajel


As soon as they showed up, I took them to her house and my friend smiled, gratefully. I told her the Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets and Gel use the naturally soothing quality of chamomile without any benzocaine, belladonna, dyes, and parabens. (Ok, I said it different to her face, but for a blog post I have to be specific, ok? LOL) She smiled and said, “thank you!” and let him try one.

I gave her the Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets for Logan.  You can also choose to purchase the gel.  What his mommy and I both liked about the tablets is that they dissolve quickly and yet give baby Logan a break from crying because he stops, curious about what you just placed in his mouth.  I used gels on my babies before and they are super quick relief for painful gums.

It works. Naturally.

When it comes to teething, a calm baby helps keep a calm mama. And a calm mama keeps a calm baby. It is this beautiful cycle.  Homeopathic remedies like chamomile are a blessing, something moms should always have in stock.

Does Baby Orajel Naturals Work? So far, it has done exactly what they claimed – he is a much calmer baby! After taking a tablet, his tantrums subside enough for his mama to soothe him. It has helped her nerves tremendously!


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Written by:: Annie

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  1. Samantha Daleo says

    I used to put my finger into a bottle of burbon and then message it into my daughters gums. The tiny bit of bourbon numbs the pain and the massage felt good as well…worked like a charm for her.

  2. Shanda F says

    Amber teething necklaces. My son is getting 4 teeth in with no issues with his. My pediatrician warned me not to use Orajel as it can cause issues with oxygenation of the blood.

  3. says

    I always put a wet washcloth into the frig and she seemed to enjoy sucking and gnawing on the fresh cool cloth. Always soak it with filtered/bottled water and then place in frig for a half hour or so.

  4. says

    I would cook the frozen peas carrot mixed bags and then freeze again. They were the perfect size for my baby to eat and the cold helped with the sore gums

  5. Katy says

    I’m expecting our first baby in December! I do know that my brother’s baby was calmed by chewing on a frozen teether.

  6. Cynthia C says

    I’ve seen some of the new teething jewelry. It’s so pretty and something for baby to teethe on while being held.

  7. says

    nurse, nurse, nurse, if you are a nursing mama, let that baby/toddler nurse! It seemed to relieve pain for mine, anyway! If you are a bottle feeding mama, then try a pacifier!

  8. Melissa Martinez says

    I find the usual teething toys just end up collecting dust. I usually dampen a clean washcloth and put it in the freezer until it’s ice cold, and that seems to help with swollen gums.

  9. Margot C says

    The classic one “rusks” – very hard crackers that I was amazed that any baby would be interested in were very useful to us

  10. christine jessamine says

    my best tip is to always pay attention to your babys change of behavior and check their little gums. what seemed to help for me is the organic cotton teethers and the natural remedies

  11. karen b says

    when my children were young I couldn’t afford the teething rings, so I would always use a washed dish cloth in a plastic bag in the freezer. It helped

  12. laurie damrose says

    When my kids were babies I would go to the Bagel shop and get a plain kid size Bagel for my son the teeth on!

  13. carol roberts clark says

    my tip is get them something so chewy that it wont tear u know what i mean and let them at it my son chewed his wood off his crib and i had to take him out i swear to god and it only took like 20 minutes and it was a 500 dollar crib the kind that makes out into a bed later in life crib i was so scared he might have gotton wood chips in his mouth and cut his belly i took it down now well my son he was picky he wouldnt take things like most kids he wouldnt take what was meant for him like the round squishy things nope so i went out and spent all my money and to this day i have em and they were just tossed around he liked things that was just laying around not what was meant for him so i bought the squishy little dog toy and it worked im sorry nothing would work and well it worked

  14. Crystal F says

    Our biggest life saver was the cold washcloth. We also had the gel filled paci that we would get cold for them. Thank you!

  15. Nicole Vosburgh says

    I would put a wet washcloth into the freezer and have my son chew on that while he was teething. He loved it!

  16. Holly Storm-Burge says

    Frozen waffles in a ziplock sandwich bag. They are cold and soothing, but not too hard like plastic. You can give them to the baby without the sandwich bag, but you really have to watch to make sure they don’t get a bite off once it thaws.

  17. Ashley C says

    It takes lots of patience!! We use a combo of teething tablets/gel, baby tylenol, and amber teething necklace


  18. Jennifer D. says

    Don’t think it’s practiced anymore – but didn’t in the past – people would rub rum or something on baby’s gums

  19. rebecca shockley says

    The most common teething rings and I used clean, cold washrags that I put in the freezer for a few minutes so it didn’t freeze their hand’s off

  20. says

    I always pressed on my daughter’s gums. Not too hard. And I live baby orajel. It does work. Tylenol helps too. My kids never really took to teething rings.

  21. Janet says

    When your baby is fussy due to teething, remain calm. Pain is much easier to bear, even for a baby, if someone who loves you is there by your side with a calm touch and a warm smile.

  22. Amanda Alvarado says

    Small ice cube securely wrapped in a somewhat rough or textured washcloth. Even frozen fresh fruit in one of those mesh bag feeding thingys works too.

  23. Amy Honious says

    we always kept damp washclothes in the freezer. also the good old fashioned store bought, fluid filled teethers. thanks and good luck!

  24. kolpin says

    give them something to gnaw on that’s nutritious too. frozen bagels, frozen bananas, frozen apples, carrots, whole pickles

    rafflecopter: daniel

  25. Jenn McClearn says

    The best tip I have is that this will pass, love them and hug them often it is not their fault teething bites lol 🙂

  26. Cathy French says

    if you use a teething ring or pacifier or anything else that goes in your baby’s mouth, be sure it is clean and free from bacteria

  27. Brynn says

    Fill the pacifier cover with breast milk or formula and then freeze. Take cap off and the pacifier becomes a baby popsicle!

  28. Lindsey M says

    Both my kids seemed to find a toy that part would fit in their mouth to the spot where it hurt – the teething rings are good for the front but don’t really reach when its further back. Just make sure its not something they can swallow!

  29. Jill Myrick says

    I take one of my sons older pacifiers and put it into the freezer till it freezes.
    That way he doesn’t have to hold a cold teether, it soothes his gums and he loves his pacifier.


  30. says

    My kids were really good when they were teething.. we did use Orajel and also Hyland’s medication to calm them down once in a while. Also those teethers you put in the fridge or freezer are great!

  31. Melissa Hartley says

    I usually used Motrin for my boys~didn’t have too much trouble soothing their gums .. my oldest probably suffered the most but I did use teething rings that were frozen .. thanks.

  32. Sarah Cool says

    freezing teether rings has always helped greatly for me also putting frozen fruit in those netted things i forget what they are called

  33. abedabun dawn says

    Best I can remember, those teething rings that you freeze do pretty well with orajel. However, I have heard a little about a pill but I know nothing about it. I will have to learn these things also because my grand daughter is over 2 months old now 🙂

  34. Paula Tavernie says

    I freeze a damp rag that I get wet with apple juice the rag tastes good and feels good on their sore gums and does not stain!

  35. Danielle Ryerson says

    My best tip is a frozen washcloth. It freezes but remains plyable so the babies can chew on it without it being rock hard and uncomfortable.

  36. M.Clark says

    Leave teething rings in a ziploc bag in the freezer to get cold, you should have more than one so you can swap them out.

  37. Carl L Smith Jr says

    Well, I can tell you from a Dad’s view .. My tip is DON’T STRESS! Every baby and parent has gone through this and you will be great, just stay calm and follow your pediatricians advice!

  38. Eileen Burke says

    I would say to try to get in some sleep when the baby is sleeping. Being up all night with a crying baby is difficult when you’re exhausted!

  39. Victoria Carlson says

    I don’t have any kids, but from what I have experienced nannying, putting teethers in the freezer helps a TON!

  40. Jennifer Reed says

    One thing that worked for my teething babies was to freeze a banana or their teething ring. They loved chomping on it and it seemed to give them relief.

  41. Lisa Garner says

    Chewing on cold safe items like teethers helped my children but don’t freeze them because the can cut their gums.

  42. Linda W. says

    I let them gnaw on pizza crust- it feels good on their gums but breaks down and gets mushy so they don’t choke on it.

  43. Mia Dentice Carey says

    I would let my son chew on a washcloth…soaks up the drool =)

    And I would also wet a corner and place the wash cloth in the freezer then let him chew on it.

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