GPS Safety for scary situations #ReactApp

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SC_ReactWhen I heard about the React App, I knew it was a fabulous idea. Now worrisome situations are just a little less so. You can literally have your close friend/family member follow your every move.

This post is sponsored by React Mobile. All opinions remain my own.

React Mobile is a free app for androids and iPhones. It uses GPS technology to create peace of mind.  You select exactly who can follow you, turn the app on, and can even dial 911 with the push of a button (keep out of reach of children). 

What situations can you use React Mobile in?

Let’s say you are selling or buying something from Craig’s list.  Let your friend know, turn on React mobile and they can track your location. That way if – God forbid – something does happen, they have your exact location.

I used to work late nights at the radio station. I always parked under street lights in highly visible locations, but still worried. Having React Mobile app would have just made me feel that much safer. 

Another situation this can come in handy is if you are driving on a road trip. Let’s say you get a flat tire, this app can tell you exactly where you are.

Can you think of other situations this would be useful? 

React Mobile app

Creator Robb Monkman was the victim of armed robbery and wanted to make an app that made it easier for people to receive help quickly. He shares his story below:

I’ve personally been the victim of an armed robbery and hostage situation while I was a college student and saw the need for a product that could be used to silently and discreetly alert the authorities and your trusted contacts if you are in trouble.  I was a student living off campus in a nice area when incident occurred.  My roommates and I never had anything bad happen to and frequently left our front door unlocked.  The night of the robbery, two armed men held my roommates and I hostage in our own home while they stole our valuables.  When we first came up with the idea behind React Mobile, we wanted to develop a tool to improve safety on and off university campuses.”

He noticed blue light security phones are installed across college campuses, but they are pricey and just not used. Instead, he wanted to create a free app that was discreet and able to be used immediately.

Here is a video showing you how the app works:

ReactMobileReshoot from Robb on Vimeo.

And my favorite feature of all is one I wish I could use more: If you are traveling out of the United States, you set your app to the country you are visiting. It will automatically dial the correct phone number for the local authorities if you are in trouble. They have 39 countries programmed in their app!

Custom branding for schools, businesses

Since the inspiration for React Mobile occurred while Robb was in college, he really wants to make it available for individual schools and businesses to use as safety features for their students and employees.  React Mobile has a custom branding option. Schools can purchase their logos and colors in the app. This is a fantastic feature! Imagine the university students at orientation being told about their individual app they can download and use and be safer! 

Social Media SOS

This part I am not sure that I would use, but it is available as an option. You can choose to turn on Facebook and Twitter sharing, so if you send out an SOS (call for help) it will be automatically placed with your geo tag on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information: 

· React Mobile Web site:

· Apple iTunes Download:

· Google Play Download (available on select smartphones):

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    • says

      This is Robb from React Mobile and I’m here to let you know that React is safe! One major complaint with other location sharing apps is that your location can sometimes be shared with unknown users or strangers. This should be a major concern for families that want to protect their children and is something we work to prevent at React.

      Each Follow-Me or SOS Alert session generates a new and unique web page for the user’s contacts to open. These alert sessions (web pages) are generated solely by the user and when the user clicks “I’m Safe” – the session is over and no one can follow that person and the page simply displays “I’m Safe” to anyone that could even find the web page. React Mobile will never be a spyware type of app as our goal is to enhance safety. The last things we want is for predators, strangers or jealous spouses to have access to our users’ whereabouts. The user is the only person who can control who they select to send the SOS or Follow-Me alerts to.

      The app only runs when a users activates a Follow-Me session or an SOS Alert (users can also send geo-stamped group messages). We recommend that users activate the “Follow-Me” feature of the app before heading out. This real-time location sharing capability allows app users to have pre-selected contacts follow their route in real-time until they reach their destination safely. Ideal for runners, families and college students, this gives designated users the security of alerting friends when they feel a danger may exist without having to escalate a potential situation that may not occur with law enforcement. If an incident does occur users can send an SOS alert to their trusted contacts and will be automatically prompted to call 911.

      React Mobile uses SSL security to protect user information and we do not share or make user information public.

      You can send any additional to us using our feedback form here:

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