The Dark Side has peanut butter #CerealWars


cereal wars

This is a sponsored post on behalf of General Mills.   They are BAAACCCKKK!!!!! COLLECTIBLE STAR WARS PENS!  I think that half the fun of buying these cereals is digging to the bottom to find the pen! (ok, ALL the fun. I mean, they are pretty yummy to eat and all, but that thrill you get as you find the prize at the bottom? It can’t be beat)

star wars pens

There are a total of 8 collectible pens!  As you create your collection, you can start creating #CerealWars Edible Episodes!  For some really awesome ideas, check out the #CerealWars Tumblr page. It is hilarious (and these videos are like a bazillion times better than anything I could ever create. But I tried)

While I can never live up to the awesomness that is the #CerealWars site. I tried. Oh, wait, “Do or do not. There is no try.” DANGIT! Ok, ok, I DID it.  I am still very much a short form video “padawan” I had fun learning and playing with these toys with Josh.

Please do tell, which of the episodes below is your favorite?

The Dark Side Has Peanut Butter

#CerealWars Marco Polo

Boba Fett will never be friends with Jedis

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