Hot Chocolate for them, Cappuccino for me #MC

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What would I do without my Keurig? I have no idea. I can barely make a pot of coffee when I am fully awake – early mornings before school? Forget about it! Now, I can’t drink my coffee straight. I just can’t, I have to have some flavor! I’m all about Gingerbread lattes, coffee creamers, mochas and cappacinos.

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sturm Foods, Inc. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating.

Caza Trail makes flavored coffee K cups and hot chocolate K cups. When I received the box of K cups in the mail, my kids were so excited! Finally – K cups they can drink!  Lizzie, David and Lucy all know how to use the Keurig and so it was up to me to regulate how much hot chocolate they drank. 

First thing in the morning, I’m all groggy and stumbling to the Keurig. My bright and chipper children are already there, putting their favorite hot cocoa cups and brewing their morning drinks. Normally, I will brew just one cup for all three children. They don’t like it super hot, and they don’t have patience to wait for it to cool down. So I brew a cup on the tallest cup setting, then pour it into three small cups and fill it with cold milk and little tiny marshmallows! It is the perfect way to wake up and enjoy the cold, winter morning.

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The Grove Square line of K Cups are perfect if you have a sweet tooth!  I enjoyed the French Vanilla Cappuccino. It was a smidge sweeter than I normally like my coffee, but it was definitely a welcome change from my normal routine of coffee + creamer.  They also have a dark chocolate hot cocoa that is such a comforting and delicious treat on cold nights!  When you visit their page you will be astounded by the sheer amount of flavors they offer.  If you are like me and love trying new things, this brand is for you!

How do you drink your coffee? Do you enjoy flavored coffee/Cappuccinos?


Comment on this post with your favorite flavor of coffee and you could win a 12 pack of K cups from Grove Square!  Giveaway ends Thursday, December 19th at 6pm CST so hurry!  I must have the winner’s name and shipping address before Friday morning or else it cannot be fulfilled, so after I email the winner, s/he must respond before Friday morning. Thank you!

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  1. Gwen B. says

    Flavored coffee is *all* I drink. I haven’t invested in a Keurig yet, because I will drink an entire pot in one go. But I see that they have single-serve cider, and chai, too, which would make for a nice daily treat.

  2. Laurel says

    I can’t drink my coffee plain either. I love it all “girly” and sugary. Hazelnut is probably up there at the top for flavors.

    • says

      oh no!! I am going to email you to get more info so this doesn’t happen again. I put it on Facebook, and Twitter the same day I posted. I used to have a daily email that went out with blog posts….but the majority of people said they wanted weekly emails only. While it is SO hard to find something that works for everyone, I am going to email you and ask you what RSS subscriber you use and see if there is a better one I can suggest. I hate that you missed this (but I’ll have more, I promise!)

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