My GE Lighting makeover review

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I am not a girl of details – just ask Josh.  I am all about the “big picture.” I notice how a room feels and looks totally and might not notice if a photo frame or pillow changes the entire look and feel.  

So I was pretty skeptical when GE contacted me and asked if I would review their GE Reveal lightbulbs, comparing them to my current bulbs. They sent the bulbs (no compensation) and I am here to let you know what I saw. Or didn’t see. 

They say these bulbs filter out yellow light so they bring out more vibrant colors. It took me staring at the picture below for a long time before I was able to really tell a difference. 


But then I compared it to an incandescent lightbulb and was stunned. This photo speaks for itself. 


I really like how these bulbs brighten my room without turning everything yellow. And speaking in my naturally general terms – it feels warmer and more inviting with the Reveal bulbs. 


Have you  used the Target Cartwheel app yet? Cause there is a 25% off GE Reveal bulbs in there right now! It expires 12/24 so go download the app and use it!  I stink at using coupons. (See reference to non-details above) I lose them. I forget to grab them. But I always have my iPhone on me.  I love that I can search for deals, save them in my app, and then scan ONE CODE for all my deals. So easy, so simple. 

Target Cartwheel

And here is a video GE made about their Reveal bulbs. You really can tell a difference on the video in before and after the bulbs.  They are pretty amazing. Have you tried them yet? 

Written by:: Annie Shultz

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