The YesVideo iPhone app can make GIFs! #RememberWhen

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YesVideo app

YesVideo has an updated their iPhone app – now saving and sharing clips from your favorite home movies is easier than ever before! (Note: while this is a sponsored post on behalf of YesVideo, all opinions are my own).

YesVideo is a company that transfers home movies from VHS/reels/Hi8/almost anything to DVD.  And now when you purchase a memory transfer service, you can create a cloud-based account too! Then, your home movies are available online and on your iPhone/iPad app. No more dragging out the projector or trying to find a TV for your DVD – now you can watch Christmas memories from ages ago right on your phone or iPad!

But it gets better. Because with the updated app you can also create Snapshots! You can actually freeze frames and share them as pictures on Instagram and Facebook. (Hello #ThrowbackThursday) You can also share your favorite clips on Facebook or privately via email. When you share your favorite clips, your friends/family members will have the choice to buy their own DVD from YesVideo.

And if you have a particularly funny clip you find, you can actually make an animated GIF out of it! Just save the snapshot, then tap the “animate” button – it will show you the GIF it creates out of the last 20 seconds you selected. 

Download the Free App on iTunes!

My favorite thing about the app by far is the GIF animator. When I transferred my home movies, they transferred one of Josh playing in a garage band in college and another from my roommate’s wedding. It was so fun to sit and create GIFs of Josh playing bass on the back of a trailer.  I can also take this to my family’s Christmas party and everyone can watch it on my iPad and laugh!  It is going to be a lot of fun 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.57.34 PM

What memories do you want to see again and share with friends and family?

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  1. Amanda says

    I just transferred videos with YesVideo and LOVE THEM! This app is really fun, especially for sharing videos with my family when I travel to go see them. Thanks!

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