Create music on your iPad : Zya App review

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My kids and I crowd around my iPad as we made one song after another. “I want to choose the microphone!” David screamed and Lucy jumped up and down in excitement. Lizzie towered over them, craning her neck to see what David chose. 

This is one of the most fun iPad apps I have ever downloaded.  I received compensation for this post, all opinions are 100% my own.

The Zya app lets you create songs. And every single one is different with a million possibilities. 

There are a ton of options in each step. (And yes, you can choose to purchase even more) Read these screenshots from left to right, like you read a book. The descriptions are below:

How to play Zya

1. Choose the genre – pop music, rock, rap, popular songs

2. Choose the guitar player

3. Choose the hook the player plays

4. Choose the drummer

5. Choose the beat the drummer plays (you also have the option of creating your own beat or choosing from a list in their database)

6. Choose the singer

7. You can record your own voice or choose pre-recorded bytes

8. Choose the special effects – the microphone. This changes the sound of the voice in the song to sound either with echoes, synthesized or other sounds

9. Mix it together and listen! This is the really fun part! It puts all your choices on top of each other.  

And it is a game, so you get points for every step you do, including sharing it on the Zya YouTube channel. And the more you play, the more levels you can earn! My first song was completely embarrassing. But as with everything in life, Lucy did it better than me.  Her version is below, it is beyond adorable! The first part she sang “ba na na na” (from the minions banana song). The second part she sang “Wonder Pets” theme song. 

See how cute that is? I love it! Now…if you want…you can hear the first one I made. I had no idea how to work this app yet and just had fun…but yuck. The end is so off beat! I learned that if you choose a fast beat, you have to sing/rap very fast so you aren’t off beat. Anyways, enjoy my shame:

The Zya App is a ton of fun for my entire family and I know it will be fun for yours. Or don’t share. Keep it to yourself. But you should try it!  When you do, please let me know the link to your YouTube video so I can hear it. These are way fun! (Extra points if you record yourself singing! LOL!!) 


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    This is going to be one of those games that we never get tired of. Even the hubby is now over his shyness, and has gotten in on the fun. Gaby’s having a sleepover in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see what all those girls come up with!

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