Non-Resolutions: January’s theme & printables for you!

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Weekly themed printable goal sheets for January

Have you made a New Years resolution yet? I sure haven’t – I hate New Years resolutions – too much guilt, pressure, stress and failure for me! I’ve completed a lot of things in my life, including two degrees, countless papers, projects, posts and one precious pregnancy, but I have NEVER accomplished keeping a resolution for a full year. So now I just don’t even try.

New Years resolutions are usually either too vague – I’m going to eat healthier this year – or too lofty to work for me. But something’s been stirring in me, some big changes need to come my way. However, all that seems possible to me is baby steps. That’s why I’ve created a scheme to set 52 mini goals this year – one doable commitment, one week at a time. Would you consider journeying with me through this experiment?

I plan to choose a theme for the month and then choose weekly goals that fit with whatever I have going on in my life. I can choose smaller goals, like organizing my Tupperware, or larger goals, like making a change in my diet, based on what I feel I have the capacity and desire for each week. If I achieve my goal in that week, I can enjoy my success. At the very least, I accomplished a small thing that will improve my life and at the most I hope that my goal has helped me do the groundwork for forming some long-term healthier habits without all the pressure and stress.

My theme for January is Nutrition.

Week 1: increase fruit and veggie intake

Week 2: Eliminate Gluten and Dairy

Week 3: Set a routine for vitamins and supplements

Week 4: Eliminate Processed Foods.

Granted, I am biting off quite a bit for the month of January while I know I will have some momentum. Each goal this month I’ve indented to be a springboard into a lifestyle change, but if you’re not ready for that, start smaller, choose goals that increase self-care and celebrate your successes along the way.

Other theme and goal ideas: Organization – organize one space per week, weather it’s a closet, drawer or room; Exercise – try yoga, PX90, walking or light weight training, mix it up and keep it fun with something new each week; Relationships – spend more time with a close friend, forgive someone you love, do a one-on-one project with your kids, schedule a date night; Beauty & Fashion – get a makeover, try a new hairstyle or accessory, start a new skin care regimen; Spiritual – carve out some time for meditation, reflection or journaling.

I love printables – I love seeing my goals in front of me on my bulletin board.  Here are two printables for you – one with my themes and goals (if you want to join me) and one that is blank (so you can make your own). Let me know if you do this so we can encourage each other on our goals!

Click each photo to download the full size PDF to print.

Blank 2014 January Themed Printable

Click to printJanuary 2014 Goal printable


Nutrition Goals Printable

click to print

Nutrition Goals Printable

Thank you so much!! Good luck as you set your goals and achieve them!


Written by:: Rachel

Rachel Shivers has written 63 post in this blog.

Rachel is a family and infant photographer in Manhattan, Kansas. She enjoys adventuring with her two-year-old son, innovating with fresh ingredients in the kitchen and falling in love all over again with her handsome hubby.

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