What is your favorite gadget?

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So, let’s talk tech here.  Josh and I are at a pretty big precipice. He is Android and I am team Apple.  I get so angry using his phone and he laments my phone’s lack of a “basic back button.” 

I adore my iPad mini, but Josh loves the Motorola XOOM.  All that being said, I have my eye on trying out an Amazon Kindle. I really want to see what it is like reading it in daylight since my iPad mini fails in that respect. 

Then I have family members that are perfectly content with their “not smart” phones. They don’t need their phone to tweet, tell them the news, or remind them of emails. They just need to know the time and how to make a call. 

Honestly, I am forever and ever an Apple fan. My dream gig is to work as an ambassador for Apple products! I could go on and on about the longevity of Mac computers and the user friendly interface of their portable tablets and phones.  While I am saving up right now for a new van and Disney vacation, I am wishing for a MacBook Pro. (Hey fairy godmother, you there?) 

I found this infographic very interesting. Do you agree? What is your favorite gadget? 


(infographic used with permission from Finances Online)

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