14 Lip-Smackin’ Southern Pie Recipes

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 In honor of Pi Day on 3.14.14, I am joining the Foodie by Glam network and showcasing my favorite kind of pies. By using the Foodie bookmarklet I collected 14 lip-smackin’ southern pie recipes. I chose southern pies because I’m a country girl, with a love for twangy music, boots, four wheel drive, and homemade pie.

14 Lip-Smackin Southern Pie Recipes

Use the slideshow at the top of this post to browse the pies I found! Of course they include one recipe from the Pioneer Woman. Because what kind of southern pie round up would be complete without Ree? None.

I also included an amazing Sweet Potato Pie recipe (when I read that name, I hear a sweet ‘lil accent, so it sounds like “sweet pot-tay-tuh pie.”). And a chocolate bourbon pecan pie.  There is actually a big difference between northern pecan pie and southern. Southern pecan pies typically include bourbon.

And I was going to include Whoopie Pies just for fun. I found them in a Nashville Bakery as one of their pride and joys. But more research showed Whoopie Pies were made famous in Maine. Which is not the south. Sorry. Also, they aren’t pies…..they are cakes.

I also included local favorites like Strawberry Rhubarb (my mom used to make this from the rhubarb that grew in our back yard), Peach Pie (use sweet Georgia Peaches for the best flavor) and Key Lime Pie (authentic to Florida’s Keys!).

What is your favorite Southern Pie recipe?

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    oooh! Love to see a version of chocolate bourbon pecan pie! We call this Kentucky bourbon pie in our house (but we skip the bourbon and we add extra vanilla)

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