Ethel M Chocolates Giveaway! #loveEthelM

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This is one huge box of chocolates!  My kids love it when I work with such “sweet” companies as Ethel M’s. As soon as the box arrived at my house (yes, I was sent a box for review purposes), I had to hide it. I needed a good photo for the post. Then we could dig in. 


The box itself is very heavy duty. It felt like quality, not just a throwaway cardboard one. It had weight. But I tore that sucker off and stared in wonder at the gloriousness of the chocolates before me! 

forest gump quote

I couldn’t wait to do the bite test! You know, bite into half of it, if you like it, eat more? Well I do that with other boxes of chocolate. Normally I really don’t like cherry-goo ones, or way-too-sweet cream filled ones. 

But I have also never tried an Ethel M box


There was a lot of solid chocolate ones! Then a few peanut butter filled ones and ohMyWord the caramel ones!  There were only a few that I let Josh eat – they had cherry filling. I just don’t like cherries, even cherry pie. (I know, I am so un-American! But I like Apple Pie. So there)

I’m going to order another box. These were THAT GOOD. I want more. 

Lucky you, you get to enter to win a box for yourself! 

Ethel M. Coupon Code!

Use code CUPID14 for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $55! 


One MamaDweeb reader will win a $65 box of Ethel M chocolates! Let’s end this giveaway before Valentine’s Day, so enter quick! (Giveaway will end Monday 2/10/14 at 12:01 am CST. Open to USA only) 


Just leave a comment with what your favorite chocolate in a box of chocolates is! 

Good luck! 

Written by:: Annie Shultz

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