Six mind-blowing & cheap snow recipe ideas

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Josh had a bit of fun with the kids today. Lizzie, David and Lucy were laughing and asking him to keep making “more snow recipes!” Then, Josh decided he wanted to share these with all of you. Below is the post he wrote. Let me rephrase – I had nothing to do with this post except the intro and pushing publish. He wrote it and created the photos. Enjoy!  

Lets start out with a not so difficult recipe.

Snow in a bowl


snow cream


Lets move on to a slightly more difficult recipe.

Snow Coffee


Oh my.  Yes, I totally went there with this coffee concoction.  Truly out of this world.

On to a slightly more difficult recipe.  Lets put on our dancing pants.

Snow Sandwich


Okay, if you notice that my daughter enjoyed this sandwich, its because she’s really cute.

Shortly after she was poleaxed by the awesomeness of this sandwich, she demanded:  

Snow Chocolate Milk

chocolate milk

Woah!  I know you are wanting me to slow down here and let you catch your breath, but these next two recipes are worth the heart pounding adventure ahead of you.

For the upcoming recipes I beg that you do not rush these.  They are delicate and precise projects.

Eggs over easy snow style


I can hardly hold back my elation of this last one.  Truly a work of genius, I know.

But, for my coup de’etat of the drink mix world, I bring forth: 

Snow Wine


Now, I am aware of the gravity of this moment in wine drinking, and what it may mean for our culture going forward.  But please hold back your adulations and applauses.  These ideas were all contrived by my wife Annie.  I truly can take no credit for them other than that I made her dreams come to life, and then poorly and quickly edited everything together.  Please have a happy and safe snow day!


Hold up!  I did NOT come up with these. Seriously Josh? Snow WINE? Gross.  You kept trying to see what else you could mix with whipped cream and snow….not me πŸ™‚ 

Written by:: Annie

Annie Shultz has written 2054 post in this blog.

She is THE Mama Dweeb πŸ™‚ She created this blog back in 2009 and loves to inspire and connect with others through her writing. She also loves talking, dreaming, 90s pop and country music.


  1. says

    I was OK with the whole wine and snow thing until you added the whipped cream…that just killed my potential wine slushie buzz! *LOL*

    Seriously though, we’ve got all this white stuff, might as well come up with some clever ways to make it useful, ya know?

  2. says

    At first I was like…okay…I can get with this. Then I got to the eggs and just started busting out laughing. Though…the snow wine is tempting, I can’t lie πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    How fun! I grew up eating snow cones and snow cream with real snow and never would have thought of all of these ideas. Love how everything is mixed with whipped cream. πŸ™‚

  4. says

    The joys of living in Florida….no way to try out your fun recipes with the kids. I really do miss the snow. Now to just talk Chad into moving somewhere where we can have just the right amount of snow without the snowed in part.

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