Fashion Friday – Dockers for your man!

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Dockers for Men

Doesn’t he look dashing? Josh was such a great sport for this post.  When Dockers asked if they could send him some clothes if he’d model them for my blog, he happily agreed. You see, we have a hard time finding dressy pants that fit him perfectly. He’s a really tall guy. Most of the pants in his inseam don’t come in his inseam and waist.  We end up having to special order it and hope it is comfortable. We always go to JC Penney and buy Dockers for Josh.  It is very rare that he orders a pair of pants that don’t fit.  Docker’s has pants that will fit any body shape!

Dockers® Signature Khaki D1,D2,D3,D4

You can see in the photo above the pants fit him like a dream!  Perfect length and not too snug and not too loose.  Dockers also sent him this blue shirt too. Josh isn’t a tie and jacket guy. So we went to church just like this.  I put together a polyvore set of other Dockers ideas for men. What do you think? 

You can learn more about Dockers on their website, or like Dockers on Facebook or follow @Dockers on Twitter!

One Handy Man

Written by:: Annie

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  1. CLAIRE says

    This is so cute Annie. I know Josh wouldn’t appreciate that compliment but that’s the first thing that came to mind- How cute! : )

    • says

      They are SO utterly comfy!! you nailed it Donna. Josh isn’t into name brands but he shops Dockers because he knows he will be comfy in them.

  2. says

    Ah, the bloggers dream … getting free clothes in exchange for writing a post! I would love to try out some Dockers for my grown son because he’s look freakin’ FANTASTIC in them!

    My blog isn’t ready for prime time yet, but when it is I hope I get some cool products to review!

    • says

      My dream? well, it sure is a nice perk, I’ll admit that 😉 My dream is to support my family on the income I earn from home via this blog 🙂 But getting free clothes is definitely fun.

      Stay in touch with me if you have questions as you continue to grow your blog! I have an entire series I keep up with about growing your blog and love helping, so don’t hesitate to ask! (You can find the complete series here – Thanks!

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