That time I embarrassed Josh on my blog with a @YesVideo clip #RememberWhen

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Josh used to be in a band. It was way back in his college days. His family has always been musical – in high school he played tuba. He taught himself bass and his best friend roped him into playing together. They started a small band they called Dead Lemon.


They named their band after a deceased fruit.

And now, thanks to the awesome powers of YesVideo, I can share a little clip with you here on my blog. I have to warn you, this was one of their first performances, so it is a bit rough. This was taken back in 2003 I think. Maybe it was 2002. The singer is the best friend that put the band together. And yes, they are on a flatbed trailer. It’s pretty awesome.

I am so glad that I was able to partner with YesVideo as an ambassador last year! Through that program I transferred two video tapes to DVD and digital copies. This post is also sponsored by YesVideo. I wanted to work with them again to show you how bloggers can now embed their memories in blog posts!

Josh had something to say about this band, by the way:

“At no time did I want to be in this band. I was just the only bass player they knew. And when I was in a professional cover band, I didn’t want to be in that one either. They roped me into it too.

And here is Dead Lemon doing a Billy Idol cover (enjoy!):


Yeah…they had fun, and that is what counts, right? And now I can say I married a guy in a band. I get 10 cool points for that. (Are cool points still a thing? They need to be. I need as many as I can get)

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 12.20.27 PM

Do you have reels of tapes, VHS memories, slides or any other memories you need preserved? Then definitely check out YesVideo! You can ask for their easy ship boxes and send it directly to them OR you can drop them off at one of their retail partners (like Walmart or Costco to name a few). They transfer all your memories to DVD and send everything back! Then, you have the option to see your memories online and share them to Facebook, view them on your phone/tablets, email clips and SO MUCH MORE! And bloggers – you can embed clips on your blog like I did!

Throwback Thursday will never be the same. YesVideo is preserving memories, make sure yours don’t get lost!

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    haha! I love that you posted this. I bet Josh does not πŸ˜‰

    What a great service. We definitely have some things we need to send in to have transferred.

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