See ya later Kansas – Helllooooo Mexico! #SeasTheDay

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Enya’s “Sail Away” is going to be my theme song in a few weeks!! Josh graciously told me I needed a vacation. Well, a working vacation. I’m sorry, I just can’t take a full-on, 100%, just for me vacation. I can’t justify it. Josh is all, “Annie, you are a lunatic. You work so hard for us and on this blog, you deserve a weekend just relaxing.” 

So I’m kinda going to do that. Royal Caribbean is sponsoring a group of bloggers for a “Brandcation” that Trisha Haas has dubbed #SeasTheDay. (I love that play on words).  What does this mean? I am joining a group of 40 bloggers on a Royal Caribbean cruise in April.  Thanks to the generosity of Royal Caribbean (and the hard work of Trisha and company), I get to spend time with other professional parent bloggers while promoting RC on the high seas.  It is part vacation (we are going to Mexico), part blog conference (we will talk shop in small groups and learn from each other’s successes and failures), and part work. The work part comes in like this – Royal Caribbean is the sole sponsor (the tickets were greatly discounted for our group) – and so we are going to promote their cruises and features. 

I will be get behind the scenes experiences on this ship as well as access to top people in RC.  I will share all I learn about this cruise line with you!  

And the most exciting part? I’ve never “sailed away” before. This will be my first experience on a cruise ship. Ever. I’m already learning a lot – like the fact that my passport is in my maiden name and I might want to pack some Dramamine. But overall, I’m looking forward to hanging out with some amazing bloggers like Lee from My SentimentExactLee and Amy from Grinning Cheek to Cheek and of course Trisha from MomDot!  

You can follow the adventure by following the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram – #SeasTheDay! 


Written by:: Annie

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    You’ll have a blast! Cruises are so much fun. If you aren’t normally prone to motion sickness (air or car) you may be fine without Dramamine (take it anyway of course). So excited for you!!!

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