13 Things I wish I knew before going on my first cruise #SeasTheDay

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Written by:: Annie Shultz

Annie Shultz has written 1948 post in this blog.

She is THE Mama Dweeb :) She created this blog back in 2009 and loves to inspire and connect with others through her writing. She also loves talking, dreaming, 90s pop and country music.

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  1. says

    I am so glad I got to meet you in person!! You’re so much fun! I bought the $20 package and I’m so glad I did! I loved waking up and having a non-alcoholic daiquiri EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    Hope I get to see you again soon!!

    • says

      I really wish I had studied the packages and bought that one! I really didn’t need the beer and wine that came with the $45 one.
      I am SO GLAD I met you too! I am looking forward to when we can do it again!

  2. says

    Excellent tips! I’ve only ever been on one cruise, on a much smaller ship, but my husband and I intend to go one one next year for our 10th anniversary. A lot of these tips I had no idea about. I’m pinning so I can refer to this later.

  3. says

    I think the most shocking is the cost of the drinks. WOW. I guess I assumed cruises were like all-inclusive resorts where all that stuff was included. Very good info to know!

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      These are “extra” drinks. Your water and tea is included at meal time. But these drink packages are for things like soda, coffee, alcohol any time day or night. But yes, this cruise is definitely different from an all inclusive resort.

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    This is a fantastic post, Annie! There are so many things that people don’t think about when going on a cruise. Even with as many cruises as I have done, there are different things on different cruise lines. Like I didn’t know that I could call room service and request a pillow upgrade! LOL!

  5. says

    Great tips for people who have not been on a cruise. The whole passport thing is a good point to make. For me, I had my birth certificate and marriage certificate, but next time I will just opt to buy my passport as it makes things easier.

    Was great to meet you :)

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