For the geeky mom – wireless JABRA Revo headphones

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JABRA wireless bluetooth headphones

It is no secret that I love 90s music. When I am stressed out, I just have to turn on some Britney or Backstreet Boys and bam! Instant happy mood. But try listening to “Genie in a bottle” with a Minecraft tutorial annoyingly playing in the background and you have an instant recipe for headache success. 


I literally squealed with joy when my review pair of wireless bluetooth JABRA Revo headphones arrived in the mail.  I immediately connected them to my iMac and Macbook Pro and told Josh to please care for the children. The outside noises around me faded and I was engulfed in The Cranberries and 90s Averil Lavigne. My productivity levels soared!

I know you are busy, let me just lay this out short and sweet for ya: 

Why every geeky mom needs JABRA for mother’s day

  1. No Wires
    Pardon me while I sing, “I’ve got no strings, to hold me down. To make me fret. To make me frown.” Call me Pinnochio, cause I’m able to move around with complete freedom without knocking the chord out! When I blog, I can turn to my kids when they need me, or do chores with complete freedom. Not that chores are anything like freedom…but at least I have no wires. 
  2. Microphone for phone calls
    When I connect this to my phone, it works like my earbuds do. So when I receive a call, I can answer it immediately and talk through my headphones! 
  3. Cuts back on outside noises
    My earbuds just don’t do this very well. But the cushiony earpieces envelop my ears and drastically minimize outside noises. These are officially the “mommy is focused on work, please don’t bother her” headphones. When I put them on, I am focused, I am working. 
  4. Seriously, no wires
    I actually tested these while I cleaned house. I connected them to my iMac in my bedroom and jammed out to Miranda Lambert. The bluetooth connection has this incredible range. I moved freely from bedroom to kitchen! The lack of wires means I can do dishes or vacuum without having to find a pocket for my phone. 
  5. Super durable
    The folks at JABRA didn’t just test them. They tested them like a mother. They were bend tested 10k times (or kids-are-fighting-over-the-cool-heapdhones-tested), dropped from 6’6″ (a kid can knock them off my head, no prob), and fold tested 3500 times (I can use these and they will last). Every mom knows that durability is required in her stuff. So these are perfect! 
  6. Fab sound quality
    These are equipped with Dolby Digital Plus sound. It’s like wearing a movie theater over your ears! Every mom deserves to listen to Brad Paisley and feel like she is really at his concert. 
  7. They fold up for easy storage in my purse
    These might not be teeny tiny ear buds, but they fold up so my entire purse isn’t all taken up by headphones. 
  8. So Comfy
    They are able to be sized and the ear pieces are like pillowy! They really feel awesome. I can wear them every day and not be all, “Ugh, here we go again.” Nope. Now I grab them and smile, and say, “Yes! Here were go again!” 

Now that you know why they rock, go buy some! Links are below!

Here is a video demonstrating these headphones. 

What do you think? Aren’t wireless headphones awesome? 

Written by:: Annie

Annie Shultz has written 2051 post in this blog.

She is THE Mama Dweeb πŸ™‚ She created this blog back in 2009 and loves to inspire and connect with others through her writing. She also loves talking, dreaming, 90s pop and country music.


  1. says

    Ah, 90’s music is a close second to my love for 80’s music. Wow… does that show my age? I think I may need a pair of those for doing my housework. It beats cranking up my music with the kids. Will have to check these out.

    • says

      Daisy, it is seriously crazy how freeing wireless headphones can be. Like, where have these been my whole life? I can actually turn around without my laptop coming with me LOL

  2. says

    I desperately need some new headphones, I may have to start dropping Mother’s Day hints about these! I hate earbuds so they’d be perfect. Oh & I am a huge sucker for 90’s music, too!

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