WW~ Basement addition progress

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I know this is Wordless Wednesday. So I will be brief.  Josh is currently focused 100% on the hell that is known as plumbing. This has been like one step forward, 5 maddening steps back. Josh is bravely moving forward, and I admire him for continuing to at this instead of merely giving up (like I would).  

Some of these pics will need commentary, enjoy! 

Plumbing pain


Someday, this will be my office. See that window? I cannot wait to sit next to it and dream and plan and read and…

IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012

All of this mess will someday be our family room in the basement. Around the corner is the concrete-reinforced safe room. The doors open directly to the west. (Yes Tim McGraw, we will  “point our rocking’ chairs toward the west.” You are more than welcome to come visit)


This is one of the new bedrooms. Josh bought a flag from Menards, but when he opened it, realized we have a pole and he purchased one that hangs from a rope. So he hung it up in the new bedroom. God bless America. 


Lucy loves to bring her toys in where daddy is working…now to teach her to clean up after herself. 

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