Ask Mama Dweeb: “How do I get started blogging?”

ask mama dweeb part one

I have had the domain officially on wordpress since January 1st, 2010.  That makes this month my 4 year blogiversary!  In four short years, I have packed four separate conferences (speaking at two of them) and immersed myself in blog and social media marketing. To celebrate, I want to give back, to answer your [...]

14 Shockingly Easy Tips To Get More Blog Comments

14 easy ways to get more blog comments

This is a follow up to my previous blog post about what is holding your blog back from greatness.  The more blogs I read, the more I see common practices from professional parent bloggers that can help other bloggers succeed too. The question I received the most on my last post was, “help! I need [...]

20 Practices that are holding your blog back

Dead weight practices holding your blog back

We all want growth. We want to increase our followers, statistics, and mom blogging is becoming especially competitive.  What you might not know is that there are things holding you back from true greatness.  Brands do not only look at numbers – they look at engagement and influence. If you want to see your writing [...]

Helping you choose a blog conference

Mama Dweeb helps you choose a blog conference

After I arrived home from BlogHer, I was an exhausted mess. I will never forget the memories I made and the people I met, but I was also very overwhelmed and just plain, done. With over 5,000 attendees and multiple events to attend at any given time, it is no wonder I ran out of energy. There [...]

How to use Evernote for checklists and more

  I love Evernote! Ever since I heard Melissa of MomComm was teaching a course all about organizing your editorial calendar with Evernote, I knew I had to check out this app. (sidenote: the course is called Content Brew and that link is an affiliate link – I 100% back it up, so check it [...]

Weekly Blog Memes Organized by Day

I love a good meme!  A meme is a weekly (or monthly) blog prompt. The hosting blogger will post the topic, then other bloggers write about (or share photos about) the topic and put their post in the host’s linky.  Then, all the participants hop around to each other’s posts and comment.  Not only do [...]