Kansas Farm Tour – Tuttle Farm

Kansas Farm Tour group

Last week I was given the honor to work with the Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Soybean Commission and two other bloggers to take a tour of a local farm.  It was a super early morning, but totally worth it!  I traveled up to Kansas City with Meagan from Kansas Farm Bureau and met up [...]

Barbie Mega Bloks Luxe Camper Review & Giveaway

Mega Bloks Barbie Luxe Camper

  Mega Bloks sent my children their newest toy – the Mega Bloks Barbie™ Build ‘n Play Luxe Camper!  It has a million tiny pieces so I totally suggest having a container with a lid ready before you open the box.  It comes with two tiny dolls and you can build everything you see in [...]

Should I give my nephew cash…again?

Tips to help picky teens pick out their own gift

I have an 18 year old nephew. He is turning 19 this month. (Cue the OMG I feel old song. When I first joined this family – this is Josh’s nephew after all – he was so little!) And it isn’t like I always new what to get him before. There was that one year [...]

Kansans: Enter NOW to win a date night!

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.39.34 PM

Think about this:  What makes your marriage work?  I just shared my answer on my “I show my love” post. To me, it is all about showing your love, and allowing the other person to love you in their way. Trusting, communicating, and not trying to do it all alone.  If you have an answer [...]

Ethel M Chocolates Giveaway! #loveEthelM


This is one huge box of chocolates!  My kids love it when I work with such “sweet” companies as Ethel M’s. As soon as the box arrived at my house (yes, I was sent a box for review purposes), I had to hide it. I needed a good photo for the post. Then we could [...]