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My name is Annie

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I started this blog in 2009 as a stay at home mom, sharing inspiration, family stories, and product reviews.  As of March 2013, roles have changed! Josh is an at-home father and I am working full time out of the home.  This  blog is a place for me to connect with parents as I share my life and personal growth. Now that Josh is staying home, he will begin contributing little stories here and there of his adventures too!

Josh and I have 3 children – Lizzie, David, and Lucy.  We are both  lifelong Kansans, living out in the woods with a cat, chicken, ducks and a bunny.


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Josh is my amazing hard working husband. He is an all around fix it man, but even better he is a lover of squirrels, fan of the Force, and a hater of flies.
Lizzie Lou was born in June 2007.  My princess and ballet loving girl, she is an avid fan of My Little Pony, Cinderella and the Minecraft.
She loves frogs but is scared to death of ants and any time of day you can hear her singing.
David is my my baby boy born April 09! He is much easier to make giggle than his sister. Full of smiles and easily self-entertained. He loves car rides and laughing with his sister. He adores building things like his daddy and you can hear him playing Transformers any time of day.

Lucy was born December 14th, 2010. She is doted on by her older sister and loved immensely by me and Josh. She has a spirit of adventure and is constantly doing what her brother and sister are doing.

Yup, 3 kids in 5 years of marriage – we are a fun loving family, with more laughs than any family deserves!