A Beginners Guide to Pokémon Go!

Beginner's Guide to Pokemon Go

A Beginners Guide to Pokémon Go!

If you haven’t already heard, Pokémon Go has surpassed nearly every social media outlet and is now the most popular game ever. This location based app is a game that has brought families outside off that couch into this virtual world where they can capture Pokémon, become trainers and just have a blast together in their local community.  As a means to help direct those beginners trying to figure out Pokémon Go for the first time, we have compiled this beginner’s guide to Pokémon Go for your reading pleasure today.

Getting Started With Pokémon Go

The initial step to Pokémon Go would be to create an account, as this is where all of your game data will be stored. When you start the game you will have three starter Pokémon next to you, these are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Choose which one you want to catch and the others will disappear once you capture one of the starter Pokémon.

How to Catch a Pokémon

In order to capture a Pokémon you will need to use Poké Balls. This sounds fairly easy enough tap your Poké Ball and flick it toward the Pokémon you are attempting to capture. Pay attention to the color of the circle for each Pokémon:

  • Green Circle – easier to catch.
  • Yellow Circle – medium difficulty to catch.
  • Red Circle – extremely difficult to catch.

If you hit the Pokémon when their circle is smaller, they will be much easier to capture as they won’t be able to run as far.

Renaming Your Pokémon

You will be able to look at your menu in Pokémon Go as a means to determine what the Pokémon strengths are and you can even rename the Pokémon as you do in most other Pokémon games. To rename a Pokémon in Pokémon Go select the particular one you want to rename, then click on the little pencil icon that appears.


The Pokémon Go Environment

Pay attention to small rustling grass symbols as this means the Pokémon is close by, walk towards the rustling grass areas on your screen and soon you will see another Pokémon to capture. Once the Pokémon is visible, tap it to start the capture process. The type of real world environment you are in is what controls which Pokémon you will capture. Parks will usually allow you to find grass-type Pokémon while water locations will have more water-type creatures. Remember, Pokémon Go is based on your real world GPS location and can tell when you are near a grassy or water area.

Get Familiar with Your Pokémon Go Screen

There is quite a bit of information on your Pokémon Go screen, and here is the breakdown for you:

  • White rectangle in lower left hand side of screen shows you were nearby Pokémon are if you tap on it.
  • Pokedex is a catalog of all the Pokémon that you have found and you can learn more about each in this area by tapping on it.
  • The avatar icon is found on the lower left hand side of your screen and tapping on this will show you what levels you have and other pertinent game information.
  • Last but not least, you will have an items icon which is where you can find all of the items you have acquired along the way.

Evolution – Stardust and Candies

Every Pokémon you catch will have to level up eventually, that’s where the stardust and candies comes into play. Each Pokémon need a certain number of candies to evolve and you gain more candies as you capture more Pokémon. You may also earn more candies by sending duplicated Pokémon to Professor Willow but remember that means your Pokémon you gave away is gone forever.

Leveling Up in Pokémon Go

There are caps in the game at this time, so the highest level you can reach as a trainer is level 40 and the egg level cap is at 20. Wild Pokémon are capped at 30 which means you will have to spend candies to make them stronger.  When you get to Level 39, you’ll need to get 5 million XP to get to Level 40, and actually going from Level 1 to Level 40 takes 20 million XP.

Play Pokémon Go Safely

As with any video game or app that you could potentially get addicted to, it’s important to play responsibly and safely. Think about setting your smartphone in battery saver mode or investing in a backup battery pack as all location based apps suck battery life quickly. In addition to making sure you preserve battery power, be certain to look up during game play to be aware of your surroundings. While you may be enthralled in Pokémon go, the real world is still happening right in front of you and we don’t want you harmed during this time of fun.


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