Sponsored Video: The cheering, the hard work, the game – #ShowYourStripes

This post is brought to you by Kellogg’s – the official breakfast of Little League. All opinions are completely my own. 

Were your kids in little league this summer? Mine are 8, 6, and 4 years old and I could have signed them up. In fact, I really regret not signing them up! I want them on a team, to know what it is like to work together for one goal. Not the goal of winning, but the goal of just playing the game together. 

I’ll admit – watching this video made me want it even more. Just the memories kids make in sports, it grips my heart and I want that for my kids. 

How can you not be moved while hearing that coach’s last speech? And then “bring it in for a hug” – I lost it.

Working hard together and then learning how to handle the pain of disappointment and the exhilaration of success. Little league teaches good sportsmanship, not gloating, being kind, and always helping your teammates through team work.

This is what I want for my kids.

Have you ever coached little league? The coach’s speech in that video was just remarkable. (I know, it’s a sponsored video, so of course they are gonna make it sappy, well, it WORKED). I bet so many other volunteer coaches feel the same way though. You put in all that time, all those sessions where you teach more than catching and hitting. And when the season wraps up, it has a bittersweet after taste. You hope they will continue to grow and succeed, and deep down, you know they will. Because they are good kids.

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