All the kids’ apps right here #MomsWithApps

That’s their goal, anyway.  There is a site called Moms With Apps that is a searchable database of nearly a thousand smartphone/tablet apps geared towards kids. It doesn’t have every single app – yet. But they are adding more every single day.  As part of this compensated campaign with The Motherhood and Moms With Apps, I… 

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The ONE food documentary I actually liked

Either something is seriously wrong with our food supply, or scaring people about their food is good business. Because holy food documentaries, Batman! My eyes glaze over just looking at the list above.  I know my family needs to eat better. Sometimes, a documentary can cut you deep in the heart and make you decide with resolve,… 

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Essential Oils Benefit You

The FDA vs. Essential Oils: What you need to know

Pssst. Hey you. Let’s chat. Have you heard the rumors? The latest scam everyone’s buying into? Essential oils. Yep, you heard me. Those fancy-schmancy oils are just one big hoax. You know how I know? The FDA. Yep, that’s right – the FDA is cracking down on essential oil companies. What? It’s true! Believe me,… 

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Mary Poppins has nothing on PediaCare®

My gut turns in knots when my kids are sick. I feel so helpless. Without a magic wand to instantly cure their fever and sore throat, I just hold them and give them medicine, praying it works fast.  Giving them medicine…it’s just like in Mary Poppins. Except not. Because I have the grumpy kids that… 

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