I don’t belong


High school. I remember sitting on the bus. Staring out the window, I felt an incomprehensible chasm between me and the other students. I leaned my head against the smudged window, felt the cold air seep through to my arms.  Blinking. I am adult. I have fantastic days. Days when I laugh at all the… 

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Now that I am 30

No regrets

The world used to seem so big, so inviting. I wanted nothing more than to do it all.  I wanted to eat all the food, revel in the flavors. I searched for meaning and questioned everything I believed in. The question, “who am I?” plagued my early adulthood.  Live life with no regrets I took that… 

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Just Mom. Just Annie.

glow discovery center.jpg

Today, I was just mom. And just Annie.  Not housekeeper, not accountant.  Not social media influencer. Not blogger.  I was myself and I was their mom.  Today, was all about my family and my happiness.  It wasn’t perfect.  The phone was on – to capture the memories in my digital scrapbook (Instagram) and share my happiness with… 

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