Fashion Friday – Dockers for your man!

Dockers for Men

Doesn’t he look dashing? Josh was such a great sport for this post.  When Dockers asked if they could send him some clothes if he’d model them for my blog, he happily agreed. You see, we have a hard time finding dressy pants that fit him perfectly. He’s a really tall guy. Most of the [...]

Six mind-blowing & cheap snow recipe ideas

snow cream

Josh had a bit of fun with the kids today. Lizzie, David and Lucy were laughing and asking him to keep making “more snow recipes!” Then, Josh decided he wanted to share these with all of you. Below is the post he wrote. Let me rephrase – I had nothing to do with this post [...]

Trying to cure my marriage coma

marriage coma challenge

My heart longs for the thrill, the unquenchable desire and wondering if that desire is returned.  Remember that first love? The passion…no…passion is too weak a word. My heart fluttering into my throat, wondering if this sexy man returned my love. Then overwhelmed with desire for his body as I realized he was as madly [...]

My Longhorn Steakhouse Datenight – so. Much. Food.

longhorn me

I finally got a date night with Josh!! I tell you – date nights are just crazy difficult to pull together!  First, we had a super hard time finding childcare. From one person working to another person being in sports to another person saying “actually I need childcare, can you watch mine?” (um say what?) [...]