WW ~ Remembering my honeymoon in Venice

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Some people dream of going to Disney World or the Bahamas. I just want to go back to Italy. Venice was beyond amazing, but next time I want to venture out to the Italian countryisde – Tuscany and Verona to start. Someday, someday.  For now, I stare at these pictures and just imagine I am [...]

Travel snacks: food for the family on the go

  GUEST POST If you and your family are planning a long car journey, your eating patterns will most likely be disrupted. It’s easy to swap your usual healthy diet for quick and easy fast-food when in the car, but you can eat healthily even when on the move. It doesn’t have to mean complicated [...]

WW ~ Wannabe Italian Fashionista

A few words: This is me, on my honeymoon. I’m in Venice, having just purchased Prada shoes from Prada (not the street). The bag? I bought in Rome on the street. Sunglasses are Versace, purchased from Sunglass Hut, so they are real. I was feeling amazing on this lovely, Venetian day!